Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Monday, April 16, 2012

Feeling much better and On the Road again!

Thanks for joining us on our journey of North America
 in our Holiday Rambler, since August 2006

Where are we today ?
Arkona Ontario

        Ok,first of all, I want to thank everybody for all the good wishes and getting better soon. Certainly slept  better last night, feel better this morning, went for a chiropractic adjustment first thing and back home to secure our coach, its time to hit the road. Itchy feet ya know.

        Now our niece is having a baby today at 8 am c-section but we don't need to be there, Dennis and Sandy will be there at noon for visiting hours (first time grandparents for them and they are so excited). All went went well and a 9 pound plus healthy baby boy. We see him in a few weeks when we return and all is settled down.

        Now pull out of the farm and down Maplewood Sideroad, enjoying the country side only 73 miles (118 kms) but a very strong cross winds today gusts to 40 mph (glad we are taking the backroads!)
nice roads 
no traffic
we did follow this big boat for a while tho
heading into Rock Glen
todays journey 118kms
         Just before the entrance to the resort a huge tree limb was across the road. We had to stop and Suzie helped me drag it out of the way. Strong winds here too.
we cleared the road
here we are
        We checked in and filled our fresh water tank, they don't have the water turned on yet except for a few sites up on the hill that we don't much care for. Hey if we can boon dock in the desert for two weeks at a time we can certainly sit in a campground with electric and sewer and use our fresh water tank. Besides we have a nice site and the resort is pretty quiet, down here.
one of our favourite sites
        Now here we are all set up satellite dish working, Suzie vacuumed the house and she called out to me, check our windshield! Hmm..... During our windy drive today we heard a lot of strange noises but did not notice this corner of the windshield. Looks like its certainly cracked beyond repair. And we just replaced this window two years ago in Benson Arizona! Suzie made a few phone calls to the insurance company, to report it, I checked out with the local guy in Arkona here, we will have it taken care of in a few days. Sure glad we have the $100.00 deductible for our glass!
not sure what happened
         Now for a trip to the Arkona market to see what they have good for supper. On the way I stopped to chat for a couple minutes, with Al and Sandra who just pulled in and Steve and Barb that just arrived from Arizona (we stopped by to visit them twice this past winter at Picacho Peak.) For supper I found store breaded pork schnitzel ready to cook and fresh baked kaiser buns. Love this small town market! Perfect to add to our fresh asparagus we got at the market the other day. I just topped with some salsa and shredded cheese a wonderful supper.
schitzel and asparagus
         Now supper done we are having a nice sunset out our front window, gotta love this lifestyle.
nice sunset
         Ok now, here is a picture that I just have to share. My daughter sent us this picture today of our 2 and 1/2 year old, red haired, blue eyed, grand daughter modelling her latest fashion trend! Rightout of the 60's maybe? This girl has style!!
gotta love grandkids
Check out the map below to see where we have been this summer
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  1. I agree ... gotta love grandkids. Your site looks fantastic. Close to family sites are the best.

    1. Thanks. we are pretty close to our families all summer.

  2. Do you think maybe the coach is twisting somehow to make the window crack like that? Seems there would be something to cause it.
    One side of ours (the the class A that we had) sort of "settled" a bit, leaving a slight opening up in one corner. Very strange. Just used some black tape to dress it up a bit and cover up the gap. It wasn't going anywhere, it had just sipped down a quarter inch or so in it's moorings.
    Kind of makes you wonder about those "one piece" wind-shields.

    1. I am wondering about twisting, this site is not level, but we have stayed on this same spot 3 or 4 rimes a year for the last 6 years and no proplem

  3. Getting the big windshields in our RV busted is a horror. We have a few chips in it and I'm considering to get them fixed, before they 'fan' out.
    Nice country trip you had! Hope the warmth will come soon.

  4. Cute Granddaughter! Great looking Schnitzel dinner too.

    It's surprising how many times I hear the smack of a rock on our windshield and it doesn't crack or chip! I've noticed that the crack doesn't appear sometimes until after a bit of water seeps into it. At least you've got the $100 deductible which is good.

  5. Colin thinks it must have been caused by some sort of stress or torquing, at least you only 100.00 deductible.

    So glad you are feeling better.


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