Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sunny Sunday? Almost!

Thanks for joining us on our journey of North America
 in our Holiday Rambler, since August 2006

Where are we today ?
Rock Glen Resort, Arkona Ontario

        We are comfy and warm as long as we stay inside. A few walkabouts the resort this morning after coffees and computing. Chat with a couple of the people that are around today. Then back inside to warm up. All morning the temps only got to 42f (5c) and no sunshine.

       Not a lot happening so far, just getting caught up with emails and research. I even read thru a few of the RV magazines that we subscribe to and tend to pile up over the winter. We do enjoy the articles and tips that are in them.

        I came a cross this picture (below) a while ago of a unique, tiny, home made RV that looks quite interesting. It sure would get good fuel economy and be perfect for someone with a simple lifestyle.  You could pretty well drive it anywhere, and it would be so easy to park. Certainly would be a conversation piece in a campground, or anywhere for that matter. We just need somebody to manufacture them, I can be be the distributor and have our friend Larry in charge of sales. Then we will soon be rich and famous!
what you can do with your old Volkswagon Beetle
        Well maybe that's just a pipe dream, see what happens when I have too much time on my hands,  and the sun is not shinning. I better get outside and walkabout some more, keep these brain cells busy.

        Ok,  did a walkabout and ran into Larry, Vanessa and Greg chatting at the other end of the resort.  Hung out there for a while and got caught up on the local news. I said hi to Maggie, being dog sat for Thrish, Mike and Jordan who spent the weekend in New York City.
Hi Maggie 
        Now I found my way back home and grabbed Suzie, hopped in the car and headed past Hungry Hollow to Sylvan's Foremost Book store.  Here it is in the middle of nowhere but has a lot of great books at real good prices.
this is the place

         Well,we are here greeted by Bill and he is telling us that he is closing his store, by the end of the summer. Lost interest and not fun any more, so time for him to move on. Sad in a way but I do understand, had to do that with my restaurant. We checked out the books and picked up a few 50% off. He tells us to come back and that by August books will be 90% off and September .10 cents each. So we will be back for sure.
lotsa books here plus two more storage trailers
        Now back to the resort and stopped by Al and Sandra's trailer. The sun is shinning, and they are having a real campfire with real wood ! So grabbed our chairs a beverage and we joined in for a social hour or two. More people dropped by and we chatted and had a great time. One other couple Bob and Ester from Hamilton Ontario, were at Catalina Spa in Desert Hot Springs California for New Years Eve when we were there. And apparently were at the table across from us. We did not know them then, such a small world!
nice afternoon fire         
        Now its starting to cool off so we head home for supper. Tonight is BBQ'd  pork ribs. But too cold for the BBQ. So the backup plan is to do them in the oven. Not as good but still acceptable, add  some sauerkraut, creamy whipped potatoes, and broccoli w/cheese sauce and all is good.
yep still pretty tasty
        Now from a cold start to a cold finish, with a lot of fun in between we had another awesome day.

        Glad you had the time to drop by.
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  1. That volkswagon rv is too cute!

  2. Neat little camper, sure no shortage of books in his store, your in for some good bargains. Those happy get togethers are one of the nicer things of the lifestyle. Tasty looking dinner. Have a great Monday.

  3. Love the volkswagon! Of course, don't love it enough to want to have one but enough to really admire it!!

  4. Hope you don't get those snow showers I heard forecast for you area! Stay warm.

    1. We hope not too, almost feels like it right now!

  5. Hi guys, Isn't it a little early for Ontario?? Sounds cold! Suzie how many books did you buy? Have you got yourself a Kindle yet?

    1. We were our 182 days in the states so time to come home. 8 books, we have no intentions of buying two Kindles.


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