Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Friday, April 13, 2012

Coach service and an "E" test

Thanks for joining us on our journey of North America
 in our Holiday Rambler, since August 2006
Where are we today ?

        This morning I head into Pettigrew's Garge in Plattville for a lube oil and filter, that is due, 8 am appointment. Dale does a great job checking our coach out, fitting us in when it works, pointing out and fixing problems that may arise. After the service he hooked up the computer to read a few codes and found some errors with our ABS brakes. Nothing major but will be looked at when we are back in the area,very reasonable work here, $39.00. this morning

        After the service I drive the 15 minutes to Hickson Ontario ( population 246) and Hickson Motors for and "E" Test (emissions test) another money grab by our government. Just because it is and Rv it costs us $107.00, government set rates apparently for this simple test.

        I have been coming here for a few years, because it the only place handy to get this test done, and its a small town with a friendly family business.
e test

equipment here for the test
         Now got these chores out of the way and back home, made some egg salad sandwiches for lunch then headed out to putter with the garden tractor again. Well ended up after another couple hours fiddling around it did not work any better. So the dealer up the road sent a service man to check this out and diagnosed a faulty ignition coil so its only running on one cylinder instead of two. Makes sense , loss of power. So they will order the parts in and do the repairs next week.   

        Now sun shining and a not too bad day. Today I am gonna fire up our Weber Q 100 and grill a mess of chicken legs and thighs for supper. So we can sit in a bit of sunshine on an almost warm day and get more fresh air.  
Suzie and Omer relaxing
         Earlier today Suzie managed to get to Omer's tail brushed and get rid on some burrs that were all tied in there. Then he just wants to sit there (on her foot) and be petted whenever possible.

then time for a nap in the shade
such a wonderful day
         As we are sitting here listening to our chicken cook and the milkers in the milk house we can enjoy the peaceful scenery around us.

ok the chicken is done
        Omer is relaxing in the kitchen while Suzie gets the potatoes and carrots cooking, making up some Swiss Chalet sauce  then we are good to go. Lets have a pile of BBQ'd chicken.
love our chicken
        Now another day is done and it was a great one. Weather is getting better by the minute it seems and we are not complaining. Juts nice to be around family and friends, and not too cold.
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  1. Looks like another great day. When the winter is over it's time for us to take care of all of our maintenance items too.

  2. I seem to recall paying in the neighbourhood of 60 bucks for our motorhome cash grab. I guess it's gone up? Never understood why it was necessary for say, the first 10 years of a vehicle's life? Just a PITA.

  3. Yep, we got the motorhome e-tested at a place recommended by Bob for around $60. The government does not set the price for motorhomes, only light duty vehicles. You have to shop around for the best motorhome price but of course it's only worth your while if it's close by so you don't have to spend the extra on gas to get there! Either way, the whole e-test thing drives me crazy. What a huge rip off for nothing!

    1. Rip off for sure. I check around and nobody within reasonable distance to get our motorhome done any cheaper. So ripped off we are


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