Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Monday, April 02, 2012

Fun RV, stuff in Wakarusa Indiana.

Thanks for joining us on our journey of North America 
 in our Holiday Rambler, since August 2006
Where are we today ?

         After a fun night with Larry and Marylin we had a nice evening with a bit of TV and a good nights sleep.

        First thing in the morning (7:30am) I went to check at the Monaco Rv service center to see if they could check the slide on our coach. Very busy but maybe later, check back with us. No problem we did not have an appointment but we are more than welcome to use their free parking as long as we like. Thats ok, we have water, 30 or 50 amp hookups,  level cement to park on and a dump station.

more coaches waiting for service
        Our original plan to be here was to vist the RV hall of fame/museum anyway so we headed out the check out this place about 20 minutes away.
         Got the just after 9 am when they opened payed our senior rate $6.00 each and began a self guided tour.
anitique toy car and RV
        So much to see in a relatively small area. We started with the above anitque cutom made car and rv  that was made for a young girl many years ago, ( above)
then to the Hall
         So many Rv's from the past, some 100 years old and in amazing condition. I took way too many pictures and I only posted just a few here.

 10 feet long
a couple years older Airstream
        Then so many older home made ones early 1900's so amazing to actually see in person!

wood stove for heat
check the drivers seat
1930's tent trailer

just me having fun
Mae West House Car
Mae West House Car
Cadillac RV

cool coach
1930's covered wagon

first Class "C" rv

Amazing Library
        Then a view from the upper level is cool.
upper level view
upper level view
ere we drove back to Wakurusa and checked out dowtown. Small village, our kind of place.
Rush hour traffic in Wakarusa, Amish country !
          Back by the Holiday Rambler factory and our free campsite, we spotted this parking lot where a company delivers finished RV products to various dealers.
a whole mess of Rentals RV's ready to be delivered
        Now back home and checked the service department , can't fit us in right away. (maybe in a week or two,) so no big deal, but we can stay here as long as we like. Free camping is good.

        Now at 2 pm we are going for a factory tour (right next door) of the Holiday Rambler manufacturing facility with Larry and Marylin.

        Now it is just amazing to see all the processes that they go thru to make travel trailers and 2 to 4 hundred thousand dollar rvs's in the facility. Sorry no pictures allowed but the tour is free if you car to take it.

       Larry and Mar left to go to another place for work on their coach and we had the rest of the day all alone (like that too!), in the hot sun to read our books under nice blue skies. Enjoying the quiet country side around us.

beautiful blue skies
       Then finally about 6 o'clock and time for bite to eat. Got a bunch of left overs in the fridge so that's the deal tonight. Chicken, potatoes, shepherd's pies, rice pilaf put it all together and we have and had a pretty tasty supper.

        By now its time to call it a night, relax, read, compute a bit. wow its just another great day!

        Thanks for stopping by!
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  1. Now that would be fun. I'd like to visit that museum too.

  2. Just love that museum!!! What a last few days we have head.....will be posting soon. Poco loco!!!

  3. Wanderin':

    Yes it worth stopping to see.

  4. Wow, that was a good place to stop. We'll do that one next time! I have been in Wakarusa several times as I hauled trailers a couple of years ago. I sure like that wood stove solution in that one trailer. Would ease on the cost of propane.
    Enjoy your stay there!

  5. Peter + Bea :

    Yes a very nice area and lots to see here too.

  6. love that rv interesting would love to see and tour it someday...good luck with the repairs

  7. Elaine:

    A great museum worth the visit if you are in the area. No luck with the repairs, we did not have an appointment and they could not fit us in yet, maybe a few more days but we want to be home for Easter.


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