Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Sunday, April 01, 2012

Travelling today, Plan A,B,C or D?

Thanks for joining us on our journey of North America
 in our Holiday Rambler, since August 2006
Where are we tonight ?
        Overnight in this Walmart (Effingham Illinois) was very quiet and we both got a really good nights sleep. Morning sunrise was behind the water tower not far from us was kind cool.
        Morning coffees computing and a walkabout the Walmart. Then  showers, secure our rig and on the road shortly after 8 am.
295 miles today
        Now before we left we had a few plans for today's destination. Essentially Elkhart Indianna to visit the RV Museum.
Plan  A : overnight at a Flying J.

Plan B : Overnight at a Walmart 

Plan C: Overnight at a Campground (gotta pay to park here for a night, last choice) but then

Plan D: Then we checked Larry's Blog and they are at the Holiday Rambler Factory (in Wakarusa Indiana) hooked up and going for a factory tour on Monday, very close to Elkhart.

        Now after a few emails back and forth we decided lets go and invite ourselves to camp with them. Maybe get some service on our Holiday Rambler Coach and visit with some friends while we are there. So that's where we end up.

        While on the road lets see if we can get by Chicago without any traffic. No problem Sunday noon and a piece of cake. We tried to avoid a toll road but not really handy, then we paid the toll whooppee $1.70 not worth worrying about and that was our coach and the car together.
yep we by passed Chicago into Indianna
beautiful country drive.
        Now here in he Elkahart/Goshen Indianna the tourist attraction is Amish country. Well back home home we live in Amish country (Mennonites), and its not such a big deal for us, Suzie has many relatives in this area (she is Mennonite) and when we go back to her brother's farm it could very well be "Amish Acres" as well. Why not, a few hundred acres of dairy farm in southern Ontario?
Amish Acres
we passed the factory storage area with a few trailers on the lot
Parked beside Larry and Mar all hooked up
         Being fulltime rver's it amazing how we keep meeting up with people we know. They are  from Grimsby Ontario and fulltimers as well, except Larry keeps going back to work part time selling Rv's at Sicard's Rv in Ontario. Hey he is good! Sold us our coach 6 years ago and, we even became friends afterwards, yep they are good people. This past January we even met up in Quartzsite Arizona for a happy hour.

        But we found them again, got all the welcome hugs even a few wet kisses from Angel and Buster (fur kids) they were happy to see us until a couple Deer ran across the field in front of us then they wanted to run!    
see the two deer? top left
        After we got set up went inside to chat and catch up, just a little chilly outside.
Buster says HI!
Angel there to give Suzie her dog fix! She wants her back rub....
         Now the real treat here was we invited ourselves to drop by and visit, Marylin is cooking us supper to boot. Did not expect that, but sure was nice, a huge pile of spaghetti with very tasty homemade sauce and even a fresh loaf of bread right out of her bread maker.
A happy bunch we are
Very tasty supper
        Well guys it sure was nice to hook up once again, but you did not have to bribe us with a great meal. If and when we are ready to purchase another coach "Larry" is the man!

         Thanks for dropping by hope you enjoyed the day as much as we did.

          Marylin what's for supper tomorrow?
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  1. Meeting up with fellow RV'ers and bloggers is really half the fun. The other half is meeting other RV'ers at the Wal-mart campgrounds.

  2. Wanderin':

    Meeting any Rv'ers is always fun no matter where we meet them, a great llifetsyle.

  3. Looks like you're enjoying your travels.

    Cute pic of Buster and a great looking dinner too!

  4. Rick:

    Yes Buster is a character for sure and dinner was amazing!.

  5. It sure is great to find a salesman that you can also call a friend.

    Larry and Marylin sure are sweet hearts for having supper ready unexpectedly as well.

    Very nice day you had !!


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