Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

How was our Winter?

Thanks for joining us on our journey of North America
 in our Holiday Rambler, since August 2006

Where are we today ?

        Just a quick recap of our winter travels for this past winter. Other bloggers have been doing this and got me thinking about ours. So just a few quick notes.

        We were 5 1/2 months in the USA from Oct. 22 until April 5th. Crossed at Niagara Falls New York, South to Abita Springs Louisiana, Rock Port Texas, Brownsville Texas, thru to New Mexico, then Arizona, west as far as Palm Springs California. South to Yuma, Quartzsite, Bullhead City Arizona, back to Yuma, then began heading east to Dallas/Fort Worth area, Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan and home.

        This was a grand total of 7,074 miles (11,384 kilometers). With a total fuel cost of $3,536.00 for gas in our coach about 50 cents a mile. Not bad for a six month vacation in a much warmer climate, no snow all winter visiting some familiar places and seeing familiar faces, some new places and new faces, a just an overall awesome winter.

        We stayed at 27 campgrounds (resorts) mostly part of our membership system and mostly no overnight fees with full hookups. A few of these were $10.00 a night and about six nights all winter we paid $25.00 a night. We dry camped (no hookups) about 5 weeks on different BLM lands in the desert, at a cost of $20.00 a week (that gives us access to water, sewage disposal and garbage dumpsters) we have a solar panel and generator so no problem. While travelling we stayed at a few Walmarts, couple of Flying J's, a couple of Casinos, some friends driveways and even a few nights with free hookups at the Holiday Rambler Service center in Indianna, thanks to a tip from Larry. And we also got some needed repairs done to our coach much more reasonable than here in Canada. Including three dual pane windows repaired that cannot be done here. The rest of our expenses were actually less than staying in Canada. Food, alcohol, fuel and even the few restaurants that we went to were a lot less expensive as well.
our winter travels
        Now back home we stay mostly in our two home parks a few weeks at a time and a few other membership parks as well, then visit with friends and relatives as we move around Ontario. Right now we are parked at our home base, Suzie's brothers farm where she was raised as a child. It has been in the family almost 100 years.

        Today was another too cold day, overcast with a high about 42f (6c) and slightly below freezing overnight. But we have a few things to do. I had a chiropractor adjustment to give me a bit of a tune up, some shopping (Canadian Tire my favourite store in Canada) then stopped to have a coffee and visit with Ma while I was in Waterloo.
Omer see somtehing in the trees!

        Back home puttered around a bit, computing and stretching my back, then Suzie's parents dropped by to play cards. After a bit they were talked into staying for supper, then the four of them went driving around looking for Omer. He wandered off again to play with a few of his country buddies somewhere. I just got the potatoes and salad ready to go when given the word to fire up the BBQ for some nice grilled pork chops.

        Now after about 45 minutes of cruising the back roads they spotted Omer running in the fields with another black dog. They did get him in the suv and brought him back home and of course had to tie him up again. As you can see he is pretty muddy from playing in the creeks. He is a great dog but just loves to wander and he is not a pup over 10 years old.
yep he is muddy and stinks
         Now we can turn on the potatoes and veggies, fire up the barbie and get cooking. Sandy got busy whipping up a strawberry, apple cobbler for desert in the meantime.
fresh apples
a few strawberries from the freezer
         I managed to get the pork chops all nice;y browned and burnt on the BBQ, whip up the potatoes,  some corn and a tossed salad, we are all good to go. There is six of us here for supper.
tasty chops
yep its pretty good.
add some ice cream and its awesome
         Now after a fun day, tasty supper and desert, way too many calories but it was so good. The disgusting part is Suzie and especially her brother can eat all they want and never gain an ounce.

        Omer all tired out from his galavanting all day, came into the kitchen for a bit of a snack, laid on his carpet, on his back and very casually fell asleep while we were eating supper. I swear he was snoring!
I woke him up, sorry buddy
        That's it for today, we all had a great day, a bit of sunshine, good food and company, hope it warms up soon.

        Glad you could make it, drop by anytime, everybody else does! We might even feed you too.
Check out the map below to see where we have been this summer
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  1. Sounds like you really enjoy your lifestyle. That's wonderful to be able to do want you enjoy. You have the best of both worlds.

  2. Yes it is nice to be able to this while we can.

  3. Great recap of your winter snowbird adventure.

    Sure could go for some of that delicious looking Strawberry/Apple Cobbler!!

  4. Good report....will compare with our prices, etc, next week.

    Poor Omar.

  5. Nice summary of your winter. A little less stressful than ours, but next year we plan to make up for it!! Looking forward to maybe bumping into you guys somewhere in Ontario over the summer.


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