Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Monday, March 18, 2013

Retrieved my pictures and cooked Corned Beef and cabbage on our Weber Q-100

Where are we today ?
        Thanks to Rick Doyle and his advise to use this program Pandora recovery , I was able to retrieve the pictures from my sd card that had been accidentally deleted from the card and I-photo because I had removed the card from my computer before they were downloaded.
        All of yesterday photos have bee retrieved and are now posted here as well as todays photos.
this where we are
        Just down the road from the resort noticed this Cowboy Church. Have not seen too many in our travels but sure look fitting for the area we are in.
         The other pool in our resort near the "Church in the Pines"and childrens clubhouse.
church in the pines
nice cabins here too
nice boat at their campsite
        Sunday and spring break is winding down here, people are packing up their boats, jets skies and all their stuff.
nice sites
Topes in Mexico, speed bumps some places,
Speed breakers here, they all work.
Sunday supper, 1/2 chicken, baked potato
and grilled apsaragus
        Now this is MONDAY, bike rides about the resort, a few groceries, repair made to our front windshield, curtains, more walkabouts and just enjoying this awesome campground.
nice and quiet now
lotsa Pelicans
neighbor left today and we have a better view of the lake now
        Early afternoon we have shade on our patio so can relax with our books for a while, but the view and wildlife is distracting.
sneaking up on us
you got a treat?
        This squirrel was too friendly, but we do not feed these guys. Came right up to us and even got very comfortable under our picnic table.
nice spot you have here, cool!
look at the pollen on our car!
Springtime in Texas.
pollen on my shoes
         Now getting ready for Corned Beef and Cabbage on our Weber. 1st I soaked the corned beef in water for almost three hours, changing the water every 30 miniutes or so. (Takes the salt out of the corned beef). Quartered a cabbage and wrapped in foil with garlic, pepper, carrots and potatoes.
cabbage, carrots and potato
preheat the grill on high for 15 minutes, apple wood chips for smoking,
added corned beef, with spices and cabbage foil packets
turn grill to low, close lid, for about an hour or so,
turn roast after 30 minutes, keep lid closed as much as possible
until meat reaches 160f with instant read thermometer.
temperature inside our coach with no AC
outside in the sun
80 minutes later roast is perfect and veggies done too,
just basted a couple times with olive oil, spices and vinegar mix
there it is awesome, corned beef and cabbage dinner.
Tender and so tasty
        We have the Weber and love to use it, can cook almost everything on it and always tastes so much better too.
         Relaxing after supper outside enjoying the view then Ken and Barbara dropped on by for a visit on their way out for dinner. We met then saturday night at the fish fry, nice couple from the Houston area camping here in their 5th wheel.
         By 8 o'clock getting kinda dark so need to head inside, too dark to read anyway, finish up posting the blog. Let the TV watch me for a bit then time to call it a night. We just loving this campground don't really want to leave for a while, a long while would be nice, but have to get back home in 22 days.
         Thanks again for dropping by and really hope you had a great day too! 

Check out the map below to see where we have been this winter
View Winter 2012-1013 in a larger map


  1. Oh that little squirrel he is so cute!!! I would of had trouble not feeling him. :) Your meals on the grill looked great, made me hungry.

    1. I enjoy cooking as much as I enjoy eating so is fun for me.

  2. We went to a cowboy church when we were in Quartzsite, AZ. It was wonderful. We were outside, the music provided by gentleman playing a guitar, the minister had one of the most powerful sermons we have ever heard and the people were great!
    The squirrel is a hoot!
    I would never attempt to make that meal on a grill. Great job!

    1. Actually worked very good, tasty and tender. But you need a Weber to do it on.

  3. Good old Rick comes through again! Looks like a nice Park George.

    1. Yep Rick sure knows his stuff.
      We really like this park, huge sites and great views!

  4. Glad to see you recovered all those photos, George. Good job!

    However, after looking at all the pictures of your great meals, now I'm starving and it's only 8am!!

    1. Thanks to your help it worked.
      Have a snack now and plan supper.

  5. Missed those pic's yesterday, good to have them back. Corned Beef on the grill you cease to amaze me, glad it turned good. If the temps get much warmer you won't need gas to cook!

    1. Thats ok we enjoying it.
      The corned beef turned out great moist and tender. A little research helps.

  6. Cute cute squirrel. Great shots and I love the term 'speed breaker'.

  7. Isn't Rick a great resource? He has saved me a couple of times. He just posted about Feedly, a replacement program for Google Reader which is being ended. Reader was how I kept track of which of the Blogs I read had been updated so I was a little worried about what I was doing to do.

    1. Got that right, Rick is sure a handy resource thats for sure.


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