Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Saturday, March 09, 2013

A fun day checkin out a flea market in Houston Texas.

Where are we today ?
        Gonna be a warm day today but overcast and supposed to rain? 
        So because it is Saturday and the flea market is open today on the north west corner of Houston, we decided its worth a drive. We do love wandering about flea markets to see what there is to see. Usually cheap entertainment for us.
        At 9 am hopped in the car and headed south to Trader's Village Houston a huge fleamarket on 100 acres of land and a couple thousand vendors. Its 47 miles about one hour drive so we were there by 10 am.The drive was good and not too much traffic.
our trip today
Huge Market
         Arriving at 10 am was pretty quiet most of the vendors were just opening up, must be on Mexican time! No problem thou not a lot of crowds yet and we got to cover a lot of ground over the next couple of hours,
Training wheels!
         Lots of food vendors everywhere, most not quite open yet , but that was fine, we not hungry yet.
need clothes? great deals
Nice recliners only $60.00
great deals on fresh produce too
Naranja (oranges) 5 for $1.00
        There was everything you could think of available here, food, appliances, stereos, electronics, toys, rides, beer could make a whole day of it.
look at these three young cowboys!
bumper cars?
plants, cactus
shoes, boots
Slot machines only $75.00
Mexican Pottery
Retro couch?
Looks like a 1957 ford rear end!
         Wanna buy a puppy? Some vendors licensed some not, still expensive, cute but not for us.
A roving beer cart
the bar is still quiet
Texas Long horns ?
        Shortly afternoon we saw what we wanted at the market, no purchases today. Thought about lunch there but decided to hit the road for home. About halfway there came across a Whattaburger  and decided to stop here and grab a bite for lunch. Its been a year or two since we enjoyed this Southern Texas chain of burgers and did not disappoint us again. Two large burgers, one large fry and a large drink less than ten dollars and was excellent.
        After lunch just enjoyed a nice leisurely drive home enjoying the rest of the day. 
        It was still overcast but still very warm about 75f and humid. So we got our chairs out and enjoyed our books for a while. We had a fairly brisk south wind to keep us from getting to warm and enough that did not want to fire up our Weber for supper.
         But we had planned for this and used our leftover grilled chicken to make a hot chicken sandwich with garlic mashed potatoes and peas for a very satisfying meal tonight.
hit the spot tonight
             We enjoyed our Flea market adventure today even thou we did not purchase a thing. Glad you could come along for the tour and hope you had a great day too.

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  1. No puppies, you two have great willpower! Looks like you had a great day anyway.

    1. No puppies especially and a fleamarket. But nice to watch them.

  2. You and Suzie have a lot of self-control

  3. They have a Trader's Village similar to that just south of Dallas. It takes almost all day to get through those places. Lots of fun things to see but not necessarily to buy and take home with you.

    1. Always a fun outing for the day, just to see whats out there and people watch.

  4. Love the couch! Looked like a great day of wandering! Take care and have fun!

  5. wow now thats a flea market...everything including the kitchen sink..poor puppies at the flea market...

    1. Yep everything there, no crazy about the puppies bring there but they are cute to look at.

  6. First time visiting your blog. You did a great job capturing the flea market. We have been there several times. I just find it so strange that people will sale puppies, kitties, parrots, etc. at the flea market. Why would anyone buy one there?

    We are just down the road from you in Houston. I noticed from your map that you go through Ohio on your way back home. We are from Canton, Ohio. It looks like you miss us and go through Cincinnati.

    1. Thanks for stopping in for a peak.
      We enjoyed the Flea market in Houston and are here in Willis until next saturday then Trinity Texas for a week then Arkansas, Memphis, Nashville, Wapakaneta Ohio then back to Ontario April 10th.
      If you get up this way before saturday stop by for a visit.


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