Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Got a bit more done today!

Where are we today ?
Willis Texas
        A bit more what you say? Nothin' we got more nothin' done, but we worked real hard at getting nothing done, you know its a real hard job, maybe finish it up tomorrow, no need to rush when you are retired.
        Great night for sleeping last night, about 45f windows open fresh air, perfect! Today about 78f outside in the shade again perfect, not much wind.
        Then again this morning look at the sunrise, wow! We lovin this weather. 

this mornings' sunrise
        But as I mentioned before as snow birds we have a long extended spring. An thats what we havin here. Look at the two pictures below, windshield and hood of the car, thats not dust it's green pollen. And we know it, our allergies are kicking in and they will come and go until about June or so this year.
car hood
         Just checkin out the log cabins they are building, making some progress. Will be nice with a view of the lake.
lots of manufactured logs here to assemble
        Then of course this afternoon it is perfect to relax outside with our books. So many great books that just need to be read and we have a great supply. Now I just don't sit there and read all day. We read for a bit, walkabout for a bit, read, chat with neighbors, read, putter about, read, enjoy the scenery, read  and even chat with Suzie for a while too and read.
         Plans to make and things to check out usually takes care of most of our day.
the buds are coming on the trees
we even have a small view of the lake too
        Then of course I get to prepare supper. And tonight I am going to wrap some bay scallops with bacon, garlic bread w/cheese, stir fry a few fresh veggies, add some noodles for a yummy supper.
our Weber comes thru again
really hit the spot
        One more day here then hit the road for a week to some new scenery. Slowly making our way back to Ontario.
        So there, our day was Awesome, hope your's was too. Thanks for stopping in.

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  1. A huge WOW to that sunset shot. In addition another big WOW for just being out of bed.

    1. That was actually a sunrise shot but still nice, and just love getting out of bed every morning too.

    2. I knew it was a sunrise shot and that is what I meant...I am never up that early!

  2. Workin' hard at doing nothin' ! My kind of day too. That pollen stuff is nasty....I remember it from living in GA most of my life! The pine trees are the worst. I think I saw some pines in your picture.

  3. My allergies are through the roof right now as well!!

    It was a hot one here today ... 97F

    Supper sure looks good again ... TnT

    1. The things we have to suffer with as snowbirds are sure worth it.

  4. Very nice sunset shot. The key is to always being prepared as you never know when they're going to show up. I'm rarely prepared and that's why I probably miss so many. Don't get too far north too fast. It's still cold up there.

    1. Yes was an awesome sunrise. I always carry my point a shoot in my vest and always wear my vest so that I am always ready. We not going too far too fast.

  5. We loved the beautiful spring down in Texas. Especially all the wildflowers along the ditches. It was Lady Bird Johnson who initiated the seeding of the ditches with wildflower seeds.

  6. Yes the springtime here is beautiful.


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