Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Heading further north, to an awesome camground!

Where are we today ?

        Up early as usual, relaxing , computing and coffees even walkabout then secure our coach, hook up the car and stop by our friends to say see y'all later down the road. Pulled out at 9:15 am, stopped at Love's around the corner to top up our propane tank. 
48 miles ˆ
        Then hit I-45 north to Huntsville and 19 east to Trinity Texas.
notice the sign, in case of
evacuation, all lanes will be northbound
Sam Houston Statue on I-45,
gonna come back and check this out
this the way
downtown Trinity
stopped for a parade
         Got thru all that long travel day and were at Westwood shores on Lake Livingston shortly after 11am. Gotta love these long travel days!
        This a huge gated community, with lots of small lakes and 18 hole golf course as well. We checked it at the gate told us to drive to the campground staying to the right. Well made one right turn too many and ended up on a dead end road.  OOPPS! Gotta disconnect the car, turn around and keep searching.
Opps dead end!
        Eventually we found the campground.  Not sure what to do here but found ourselves a nice huge campsite, full hookups, cement patio, and looking over the lake! Perfect, now this is a wonderful place, like a State (or provincial park) setting in the pines WOW! This is our kind of camping. And a membership park only $10.00 a night including free wifi.(at the clubhouse thou).
mini golf
our huge site
view from our patio
waterslide by the lake
nice pool, two hot tubs
candy floss and popcorn for the kids
entertainment by the pool
our afternoon reading spot by the lake in the shade
you can see our coach in the distance
regulars here
we have a Cardinal here in Texas!
wagons rides all day long
fish fry tonight
        Now there is a fish fry tonight at the clubhouse that we just need to go to and a St. Patricks Day Dance afterwards.
        So the clubhouse for 6 pm, line up by the pool and chat with people on an awesome evening.
cooking lotsa fish
        Now we had a nice dinner, and met people here at our table from Texas. Would you believe Ken and Barbie? Well, no picture, because you would not recognize them as the Ken and Barbie you are thinking about.
A tasty fish fry by the pool
        After supper cooled down and we walked back home thinking maybe return for the dance at 8 o'clock. But ya know we got comfy in our lawn chairs and read until then (too dark to read anymore) and just decided time to relax for the night. (must be getting old eh?) Such and beautiful evening and so peaceful. We can here the band playing if we  open the windows, no problem they are pretty good. Look at the campsites across the pond.
the night time view from our site
       We had an awesome day today just love finding new places to explore. We are sure to return here as well.
       Thanks for stopping by hope your day was as wonderful as ours!
       In case I did not mention the weather was perfect, sunshine, blue skies and about 85f all day, love it!

Check out the map below to see where we have been this winter
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  1. We sure do love some of those membership parks. They are the best deal out there. We just wish more were in the right places.

    1. New areas to explore for us, we re here for a week.

  2. Your park looks like a COE park. We love them. The sites are huge and always by water.
    The fish fry sounds delicious.

    1. Have never been to a COE park yet maybe someday.
      The fish was very tasty.

  3. I would have killed to get a dip in that nice pool yesterday.

  4. Looks like a great park. We always love being by the water. Glad you enjoyed it!

  5. Jackpot! Perfect location and set up!! Love the night views.

    1. Thanks, nice to explore new places never know what we will find.

  6. WOW....what a great spot. Do you have to be a member to stay there? I sure do like the roomy and site and view!

    I could use a good ole fish fry and all the fixins...

    I know you will have a great week!

    1. Every day is great, some just more awesome than others.
      I believe you have to be a member, of Coast to Coast. If not it would be expensive, but worth checking out.

  7. Looks like you picked another great spot for the upcoming week. Enjoyed your pic's. The fish fry dinner looked good too. Enjoy your Sunday.


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