Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Friday, March 08, 2013

Nuttin' much today!

Where are we today ?
         Hey it was mild overnight, windows open and good sleeping, just lovin this weather! Mild day, but mostly overcast. No problem thou, its not cold around 70+ F (21c). The standard morning, computing, walkabouts, pick up a few groceries, chat with the neighbors for a while and a bite to eat for lunch. Whew, been busy and got nothing done.
          Now putter around some more,n walkabouts, then we can pull up our chairs and read for a while. " Gotta sit outside and read while we can".
        Then chat with Gerry and Brenda (Turtle on down the road) for a bit too. They sure are a great couple, us rv'ers can share stories for days on end. Now curiosity got the better of me and had to check out their "Toad". They have been towing this Smart Car behind their rv. Cute little 3 cylinder diesel that gets close to 70mpg. Perfect little runabout to tow behind their coach, not much more than a motorcycle but am sure its much more comfortable.
three cylinder diesel, rear engine, rear drive
         Now the day just slipped away and soon time for supper. So fired up our Weber to grill a couple boneless pork chops.
         Cooked up some Spinach, Basil and Garlic fettucine, small salad and a fresh Mexican bun from Willis Market.
throw it all together and we have a very tasty supper.
        See there, we did "Nuttin' much" today, and it slipped right by us. It's like hey, we can do this what's the hurry. Gonna be here another week. Besides got a huge Flea Market in Houston to explore tomorrow.
         Thanks for the visit today, always ready for company. Make sure you come on back, see if we bought any "Fleas" at the market.
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  1. It is amazing how the days just slip away. Then, when we look back we find out we didn't do much at all but we just know it was a good day.

  2. Your day sounds much like ours. A long day of doing nothing and enjoying it. Have fun and safe travels.

    1. Sure was great, but did not seem like a long day at all.

  3. We have friends who tow their Smart Car. Too tiny for me mostly because we load our toad with tons of stuff while on the road.

    1. We like to have 4 doors so we can take another couple along if we want.


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