Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Nicer weather, good friends and an early Easter dinner.

Where are we today ?
         Last night was below freezing and some neighbors had their water lines frozen, not us thou. But this morning was bright, sunny, no wind and got up to about 15c (60f), not too bad. A quick trip to the store for a few things. Hmm, noticed the garden centers are open now, yep its spring time.
garden center open
         We had arranged with Rob, Pat, John and Barb to have a turkey dinner today. Kind of an early Easter dinner seeing as it is convenient and we are all together. I whipped up a Key Lime Pie this morning and put in the fridge to set.
Key Lime Pie
        Then was time to pop a nice 10 lb turkey I picked up in the oven. Just fits nicely. Pat made up a stuffing for the bird with onions, and Barb made up stuffing with no onions to cook on the side.
10 lb turkey
         Now an easter dinner is not right without easter eggs so I had fun coloring and decorating some for our table, while the bird was cooking.
Gotta have Easter eggs for the Kids in us
Bird is done
        Now we decided to eat at Rob and Pats trailer, so we all took our various foods there. Our feast was turkey, dressing, gravy. Red cabbage, mashed taters, cranberries and lava cake from John and Barb, turnip and carrots, and carrot cake from Pat and Rob. Plus other stuff I probably forgot.
so tasty
lotsa deserts
        Now we having too much fun, lotsa laughs and way too much food with good friends getting together to enjoy an early Easter feast. Us Rver's can make do and celebrate whenever we like. We won't see each other for the holiday so why not now?
Good times.
        Now a few hours passed (almost three) and we had full bellies. Just kinda rolled on home to call it a night I worked on finishing a broth for some turkey soup I will make tomorrow. And Suzie worked on cleaning up the mess I made in our kitchen. Both of us finished about the same time. 
        Getting late now, so we can relax for a while with a bit of tv then call it a night.
        So nice for you to come on by and if you had of dropped in you could have joined us, lotsa food, especially desert. Maybe next time.

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  1. Happy Easter to you to! Looks like a great gathering and a fantastic Easter dinner.

  2. Your colored eggs are so cute. Believe it or not I have never had Keylime Pie. I know I know not American. Looks like you had a great Easter feast.

    1. The feast was excellent, You can search out and try a key Lime pie on your journey.

  3. Now that looks like a wonderful time!!!

  4. What a wonderful celebration. Y'all sure do eat good! Love the pie. I love coloring eggs too! Brightens up the table.

    1. Eatin too good I think, Coloring eggs is fun too.

  5. You are a man of many cooking and baking talents, George. I particularly liked the looks of your Key Lime Pie!

    1. The pie was pretty good, actually, very good. Ten years cooking and baking in my own restaurant I learned a lot. Cooking is easy and fun as long as you enjoy it and I do.

  6. Looked like a fun time with your friends, the food looked great and so many choices. Nice job on the pie looks pretty fancy and bet it tasted as good as it looked. Those are some happy looking eggs. Have a great day!

  7. Now that was a feast!! But frozen water lines and garden centres all at once! Sigh.


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