Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Friday, March 15, 2013

All done doing nothing, now getting busy!

Where are we today ?
        We have been here for a while and time to move on, taking it easy for the last few days and really enjoying the quiet time.
        So a quick trip to town pickup a few things and upon returning find two couples that we know from Ontario have pulled in here. Did not know they were coming so was kind of a surprise. 
        Now we have stuff to do, the day before we hit the road. Suzie she vacuum and dust our house, all sparkling like new! I check tires, dump and flush our holding tanks and thats about it.
        Then gonna visit fellow Bloggers (Ron and Sharon from Ontario) camped right next to our friends, Ron and Sharon are just heading out to do laundry, but we did manage to chat for a while and say our goodbyes, in case don't see them in the morning. No doubt we will catch up on down the road some where.
        Now hopped over to Rob and Pat's to catch up with their travels. A Happy (social, hour, actually two), John and Barb joined us, shared stories, jokes and a few laughs. Then before we knew it time to head back home for supper.
beautiful Blossoms and honey
Bees hanging out here
Yep having fun on an awesome day
       Now Suzie hungry and wanna eat now, so just fried up a few wieners, shredded potatoes, with onions, a small can of creamed corn, tomato slice and a piece of toast.  Quick, easy and one of her favourites. She has not had for a long time.
Hit the spot
        There, nothing fancy for supper, but was what she wanted and she happy. Perfect! She happy me happy!
        Thanks for stopping by for a peak, our lazy days are done for a day or two. On the road in the morning.

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