Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Awesome weather, keeping busy and having fun..

Where are we today ?

                Another great warm night, perfect for sleeping with the windows open and the nice bright sunny morning. Nice walkabouts then gonna get making a big pot of soup again.
        I have used this bean soup mix before with a lot of success and really enjoyed it.  Problem is makes a huge pot, enough for a large group 16-18 servings. Boiled up the ham hock yesterday for a tasty broth. Then after skimming the fat off this morning I added the beans and some veggies allowing it to simmer for a couple hours.

        While this was happening, Ron and Sharon dropped by for a visit as I was prepping the soup. We met them in Willis Texas, a super couple, fulltime RV;ers, spend the summer in Ontario (winters in Texas) and are bloggers too, she is behind in their postings, but understandable. You can check them out here
          When the soup was done I gave them enough for a couple bowls, sent some to Rob, Pat, John and Barb (Rocky Racoon) and we all had a very tasty bowl of soup for lunch. 
soo tasty !
         We chatted with them and other neighbors behind us, washing their coach and just enjoying this great weather.
        Then we had our bowl of soup for lunch and I got the urge to wash our coach too. Its been a while and had a lot of pollen on it thats needs to be removed.
scrubbing the roof, it is metal, not rubber
All done, clean and shinny
        Now did have a few minutes to read for a while before our last "Happy Hour" with our friends. They leave in the morning to Memphis, checking our some Elvis stuff I believe.
crackers, cheese, and chips
Pat added some bacon wrapped water chestnuts
        Now time to fire up our Weber, for a couple baked taters, fresh mushrooms and onions in foil, bacon wrapped steak fillets and whip up a small salad and we have another tasty meal.
Hit the spot tonight
         Now supper done, over to John and Barb's for bit with Rob and Pat, discuss travel plans then home to put our feet up and call it a night.
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  1. One of the few parks that allow you to wash your rig.

    Isn't it so nice to have so many friends where ever you go. We are only here overnight and had a couple hour discussion with two other couples. So easy to make RV friends.

    1. I usually take advantage of washing pur rig when it is allowed and free.

  2. I love water chestnuts and I love bacon. How do you do those, do you bake them. Please tell me how. Thanks a lot. Take care.

    1. Pat made them so I don't have the recipe, But there is many variations, you do a search for Bacon Wrapped waterchestnuts and find lotsa variations.
      For these she used the precooked bacon, wrapped around sliced water chestnuts, (toothpick to hold bacon) marinated in Ketchup, brown sugar, mayo, maple syrup and baked in the oven at 350 about 30 minutes until heated thru and bacon crispy. Very tasty.

  3. I don't understand how both of you can eat all that food and not weigh 400 pounds each. Do you strip the calories out?

    1. I portion the servings like I did in the restaurant, 4-5 oz serving of meat good for cost and calorie control. very seldom eat desert.

  4. Never heard of bacon wrapped water chestnuts. Were they good?

    1. They are awesome! I think a generation back or so we had lots of great appetizers that were popular wrapped in bacon, shrimp , scallops, pineapple, waterchestnuts, chicken livers (Rumaki) all homemade.


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