Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Warm sunshine, and fun in the sun, come visit Rocky...

Where are we today ?
         Weather here is getting much warmer now. Yes cold overnight and lots of frost on the windows, but sunshine blue skies and getting warmer by the minute. Morning walkabouts enjoying the fresh air really loving it here.
my shadow there is having fun too
cabins the lake
        My project this mornning was to make a huge pot of turkey noodle soup. After the turkey dinner last night I boiled up the leftovers and made a nice broth. This morning added a bunch of veggies, spices and stuff, lotsa egg noodles and had huge pot of Turkey noodle soup/stew to share with our friends for lunch. You can eat it with a fork!!
grilled cheese and turkey noodle soup/stew
         Got that done and puttered around for the afternoon, chat with friends and neighbors. I supervised John and Rob patching John and Barb's roof on their trailer. Long story about that , but the short form is when they entered the resort the guard office a low overhang on the roof and took a big chunk out of the rubber roof on their 5er.. Patch kit purchased and they got it all fixed up. New roof going on when they get back home.
looking good
         Chatting with Pat this afternoon, they enjoyed the turkey soup for lunch and said they really like homemade soup. So got me going to whip another batch of soup for tomorrow.  I like making soup when there is people to eat it. I got out a package  of beans and a smoked pork(ham) hock from the freezer and got things underway. Tomorrow ham and bean soup for lunch for the bunch of us.
        Weather today was awesome, perfect, real nice and all that stuff. We were outside almost all day. Then soon time for "Happy Hour" and at John and Barb's place.
        Barb does not want to scare people way and leave their site. She wanted to play the part of Rocky Racoon but went about it the hard way yesterday.While chasing their puppy, "little shithead" "Hank" who escaped from their trailer yesterday, he got away, she took a little tumble and fell on her head, ouch! And that was before "Happy Hour". Now she looks like "Rocky Racoon" skinned her toes and knees but she is just fine, believe it or not her knee is causing her the most pain A little sore here and there but I really like to look. Think it might catch on? Dye here hair to match? Oh, I was a witness, saw the whole thing, not pretty! But she does look kinda cute this way I think.
         So over to their house. Suzie hanging onto Hank to make sure he is a good boy today.
Suzie and Hank
Hank looks so sweet
          More stories and more fun while we are together, always have fun. After we got all our chores done. Even a few miss placed words. We were talking about their son and daughter. Then a lovely little woman that looked like my Suzie asked about their "dones and saughters". Sure kept us in stitches for a while.  And I thought I was the one in this relationship that was dyslexic and got my merds wixed. Time to go home for supper.
A few appies and beverages
        Now after all this fun and stories, we head home and fire up our Weber. Perfect weather at 5:30pm.
Temp at 5:30pm
        I threw on a couple taters on foil with onions, grilled two tasty pork chops, and frozen peas, a tomato slice, really hit the spot.
         Another awesome day slipped by and we had fun. Barb, she is felling much better now too.
         Thanks for stopping by to see what we doing. Never know what will happen next it this exciting life we live!

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  1. Looks like Barb really took a fall. That's something none of us want to do. Hope she's doing better.

  2. You may be able to eat it with a fork but it is better to eat it with a spoon. You don't want to miss a drop! Don't get back to Ontario too soon or you will need a lot more soup. Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  3. So glad your temps are rising and you can enjoy being outside. Neat picture of your shadow this morning.

    Barb looks horrible! Hope the "beverages" ease the discomfort some!

    As usual, dinner looks great. Wish I had a bowl of tomorrows soup.

  4. Oh my your friend's face looks so bad, and sore. Poor thing.
    We LOVE the 15 bean soup, have it alot, and with a good ham chunk. Nothing better, well cornbread is good with it too.

    1. Thats and idea, I make some cornbread to go with it too, thanks.

  5. Wow, her eyes look terrible. What we won't do for our pets! Glad you had a great day.

    1. Pets can cause us grief some times but are worth it for most of us.

  6. Poor Barb. I hope she feels better than she looks. That was one terrible fall.

    I keep saying it but as soon as we get back to Ohio I am going to do it...learn how to make good soup! Yours looks delicious.

    1. Barb is a pretty tough cookie, she doing just fine.
      Homemade soup is pretty easy stuff and can be so tasty, bonus is you you know whats in it, great way to use of leftovers too.

  7. Looks like Barb needs a big pair of sunglasses for a while! Nice to see the weather warming up a bit.

  8. Wish I was there for some of the turkey soup, looked delicious with the grilled cheese, glad your friend Barb is doing better. Just showed Lolita the picture and why I always bug her to hold the rail when leaving the 5'er. Good to hear the weather has warmed up a bit for you. Just packing and getting ready to roll out tomorrow. Have a great Thursday!

  9. Soup looks great. What a shame about your friend, just wait until it starts changing colors.


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