Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Cold , sunny and hot!

Where are we today ?
         Overnight temps were cold, just look at the chart below. Ok it is in Canadian Temperatures. 0C is 32F thats what it was this morning, COLD! But by 3 pm it is 22c  (71.6f)  pretty nice considering no wind, and full sun, thats pretty hot!
yep its cold
morning walkabouts foggy and erie views
         Our new friends Gerry and Brenda are hooking up their real SMART car and heading off towards New Orleans meeting up with friends. Safe travels guys!
thats a Smart little car
         We decided today is a good day for laundry, so into Willis the NEW XPRESS Washateria, special this month only $1:00 a load. So Suzie sorted all the stuff and we gonna do it. Actually I gonna do the laundry.  I dropped her off to have her hair trimmed, 
         I loaded the machines to do their stuff and she showed up just in time to move to the dryers.
nice laundry
         Now laundry all done , picked up a few groceries and we home in time to make lunch, then its my turn to get a haircut. Nice warm day get my clippers out and then she steps up and does all the finishing touches. (sorry no pics).
          Then guess what? We can get our books out and enjoy them in this great Texas sunny afternoon!
          Now soon time to fire up our Weber. Gonna grill some mushrooms and onions in foil, a couple twice baked potatoes (free with the Rib eye steak we bought on sale! )Asparagus on the grill, a couple pieces of garlic bread with cheese.
         Oh so good, with a couple glasses of wine perfect!
        Now to end the day a cup of espresso and a small piece of Black Forest cheesecake for desert.
awesome cheesecake
         OK thats it!  Way too much food for one day, but boy it was good. Sometimes I just get carried away.
          Need to stop eating for about a year now!
          Just as we were finishing up supper Ron and Sharon (MissLazee) stopped by and we chatted and swapped more stories, until it got dark. Nice that the sun is still shining after supper we can do this for a while.
         Any who, hope you had a good time stopping in today because it was good for us.
         Make sure you come back again soon!
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  1. Boy is your laundry spot a 100 times better than the one I used yesterday. Mine cost me an arm and leg too.

  2. That sure does look like ice on that windshield. We don't like cold and we don't like hot but we sure do like sunny.

  3. Cool picture of the fog!

    Nice the way your day warmed up.

  4. You sure ended the day up nicely with that dinner and dessert - awesome!

  5. Looks like a nice new laundry place. Great for big loads!



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