Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Hanging out at Millwood Landing, Arkansas.

Where are we today ?
        Now we  are in a much colder climate and had our small electric heater on for a while overnight. Good sleeping weather for sure.
        Up early as usual and walkabouts the resort for a while. It's a nice spot we have been to before. Decent campsites and about 15 cabins to rent here as well. Not a busy time of year and that's just fine with us.
nice cabins
        Close by is a pool (not open yet). Tennis courts, playground and fishing pond.
nice pool, but not open yet
wonderful day, and our campsite
         Not too far away is the clubhouse for a 19 hole golf course and county club right here on the resort too. Even a nice restaurant and bar, if we care to go there, very reasonable prices.
cool BBQ by the clubhouse
Country Club in the resort
lotsa cabins
         This morning I just ran into town for a few groceries then back home. We had a nice relaxing day inside. Pretty cool outside with a bitter wind, so not too much fun out there for a long time.
         Text message from John and Barb, "Happy Hour" at their place. 4 pm. So after some reading and research we headed over for a few "nibbles" and refreshment, discuss our days and plans for the week. Before we know it, time to head back on home for supper.
doggie fix
snacks for happy hour
chocolate pudding shooters , so tasty!
       Finally we have to head back home, pre heat our oven and dress a fresh made (not frozen) pizza from Walmart ($5.98). It is really amazing what you can do with one of these just by adding some extra toppings and cheese.
tasty fresh baked pizza
        Simple, easy and tasty meal, ended a wonderful cold day in Arkansas.
        But could be much worse and colder and we had no snow. Not really complaining , just telling you like it is.
        There thats it, for today, we enjoyed every minute of it, not real exciting but still good. 

        Just would like to thank ya'all for dropping on by.
Check out the map below to see where we have been this winter
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  1. Brrr ... I feel a chill just reading your blog.
    Pizza looks good. Where in Walmart do you get the pizza crust - freezer?

    1. The pizza is near the deli counter, produce section, not frozen, various sizes and toppings,pretty good, we add extra toppings and bake.

  2. The weather back home is just starting to warm up during the daytime but still below freezing at night. This is definitely better but like you said before sooner or later we have got to go home.

    That Pizza is making me hungry. Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. we still have a couple weeks, to go, so should not too bad.

  3. Looks like another nice day...that restaurant idea sounds pretty good, I know someone from this very blog who could give it a go!

  4. aah... "...a wonderful cold day in Arkansas" ???
    You mean an ice-cold day with one hell of a wind in Arkansas? Geez... Well, at least we have a warm place INSIDE!

    1. Thats right Peter we are warm inside, glad we are not travelling today.

  5. It looks like time to get out the jackets and extra blankets.

    1. Well, put the shorts and sandals away and stay mostly inside out of the wind.

  6. Cold or not you always make an awesome day of it. Good deal on that pizza and you sure do know how to dress it up! Have a awesome Monday!

    1. Everyday is as awesome as you want it to be, and ours are always that way.


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