Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Friday, January 11, 2013

Much warmer, day more sightseeing and another fun Casino.

Where are we today ?
        Last night was very warm overnight about 65f (18c) slept with the windows open. This morning warmer and humid a bit of sunshine peaking thru here and there sure was nice. We will take this weather, better than our friends in Arizona are getting right now. Walkabout the lake just watching the duck and geese. So neat just to watch them interact with each other. It got close 80f (26c) by 10 am.
        A half decent day so off we go for a drive into Biloxi to the Edgewater Mall and check out the Maritime and Seafood Industry Museum . Now not much more than a giftshop in the mall, the real museum was removed by Hurricane Katrina in August  28th 2005. But we did see some artifacts and watched an interesting video about Biloxi's history and run ins with various hurricanes including Hurricane Camille August 18th 1969 . Notice the dates of these both in August only 10 days apart. Such interesting history of this area and how the people just keep picking up the pieces and rebuilding.
        Now a drive along the beach back towards home passed Kessler Air Force base an interesting website with tons of Hurricane preparedness information.
plane heading into the base
        We decided to stop in Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville Casino and Restaurant just to check it out. And because my baby brother and his wife are Jimmy Buffet fans or even fanatics. So Chris and Sheri if you are out there come on in, the music is great as is the atmosphere. The food, the bars, and off course the gift shops and souvenirs. Not to mention the Casino stuff too.
come on in
        Can't take any pictures inside the casino but is was fun. First off gotta get a free players card. Then to the kiosk to see what we can spin for free play. I got $15.00 and Suzie $10.00.
So the penny slot machines we played with $5.00 of their money for a bout half an hour and Suzie was up $6.50. 
my players card
        So she cashed in and we went for the lunch buffet, another good deal half price Mon to Friday for people over 50 with a players card. That amounted to $5.00 each with lotsa food (not as big a buffet as Boomtown Casino) but it was less money too. We had more than enough choices to have a good feast.
Yummy and an excellent seafood chowder too
then a tasty piece of Key Lime pie
       In the lobby on the way out was a nicely done up old VW van that will be given away in a draw.
would love to win this
then out to the deck, kinda windy to be open today thou
time to leave paradise back to reality
        Now just a cruise around downtown Biloxi for a bit checking out some of the old buildings that have bee refurbished.
        This ornate platform below built around a 700year old oak tree is a takeover from the Plantation Era called a Shoo Fly. Because it was high enough off the ground that the mosquitoes did not bother you. A great idea.
shoo fly
Yates construction, wonderf if they are relatives?
        Well there ya go another fun day with pretty good weather. And good luck again at the casino. Free players cards, $25.00 in free slot play. We ended up leaving the casino with $14.00 in our pockets after lotsa playing with the one armed bandits and full bellies after a half price lunch buffet. After all was said and done we ahead $4.00 today and did not spend a penny.
        Then back home by about three o'clock in time to enjoy a warm afternoon outside reading our books until it got too dark.
        So once again no need for supper after a very sufficient lunch, just a takin it easy now.
        You now there is at least 9 casinos in the area, we don't plan to visit them all (I don't think) But there is one we might check out on Monday they will give us each free slot play and a free breakfast or half price lunch. We do like free stuff, do you?
        Thanks for stopping by and don't be afraid to make a comment we like it when ya do.
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  1. You might as well visit the casinos that you haven't been to. They may give bonus bucks for being newcomers. However, don't leave much of your own money behind. That's when the fun ends.

  2. Looks like you did more fun things on the move today. Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  3. Looks like a real fun day...glad it is getting warmer for you!

  4. Glad you had a great day in Biloxi.

    That is neat that you are doing so well in the Casinos ... including the cheap buffets.

    We are cold here in Phoenix, and hope it does not come your way ... take care ... TnT

  5. A guy could do pretty well just by eating at those casinos. Nice pics of the old buildings in Biloxi.

    1. Yeah the free meals are good, but not diet friendly thats for sure.

  6. Glad it has warmed up for you. Love that van, be sure to buy a ticket, you just never know. Yummy buffet of it offers asparagus and key lime pie, kind of high end.

    1. Not real high end but was delicious and the price was right!


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