Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Great day and another Flea market, finally!

Where are we today ?

        A cool night last night great for sleeping and lotsa sunshine this morning. Great for morning walkabouts and then we are going to head up the road to the Fleamarket, its been a while and we do enjoy going to these places, never know what we might find. This is billed as " the Mississippi Gulf Coast's Largest outdoor Flea Market"  and we were told it was really huge. We are missing Arizona and Quartzsite about now!
        Well it was not really huge by a long stretch and was OK as far as Flea markets go, but a little tired and not really a lot of vendors. Maybe its off season or whatever. But it was free parking and free admission and did entertain us for a couple hours, just checking out stuff. Walking about in the sunshine and fresh air,chat with a few peoples,  gotta check these things out ya know.
        Bonus was that we did find a good used book vendor and were able to pick up one good book for 50 cents to add to our library. She is going to check her off site inventory for a few books we are looking for and give us a phone call. It's only three minutes up the road from us anyway so no big problem.
The truth at Flea markets
nice day
a food court and produce vendor
        Ba k home for a bite to eat for lunch and we can putter around for a bit.Then  get our lawn chairs out and enjoy a wonderful afternoon in the sunshine with our books. A couple walkabouts here and there in between, chat with a few neighbors and we are having and awesome day!
         Around 4:30 the clouds took our sun away, but it was time to start prepping supper anyway. So fired up our Weber, grill a couple hamburg patties, mashed some taters, cooked up some fresh carrots, with fried onions, butter and honey, heat up some left over gravy from our roast the other day and we have a very tasty hot hamburg dinner. Oh yeah add a couple leftover Yorkshire puddings to the mix and all is good!
        Now that's it for another fun day in Mississippi, we don't do too much but we sure enjoy every minute of it that's for sure!
        Thanks for taking the time to read about our day. It was special for us.

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  1. Even though most flea markets seem alike, we still enjoy walking through them.

    Great deal, getting a wanted book for fifty cents.

    Glad you had sunshine for most of the day ... TnT

  2. Some of those flea markets are really fun. And, some of them really sell the junk. It's the treasures we find that makes it even more fun. Enjoy!


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