Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Thursday, January 10, 2013

We are having more rain than sun, but at least its getting warmer.

Where are we today ?
Martin Lake Resort Ocean Springs MS.

        A quite day today, overcast and rainy but very warm. So not much we wanted to to do, just kinda hung out at our house. Compute, read and check out stuff to do. We did a casino yesterday and came away richer than we went in with full bellies to boot.  Really don't need two days in a row of Casino stuff, but I did make trip into town and found a chiropractor that did a really good adjustment on my back, once again good as new!
        Back home just puttered around, a few walkabouts between raindrops and managed to get a couple hours reading done too. Its really tough enjoying this great lifestyle, what to do next. 
        Well next thing we know, time for supper and just opened a jar of garlic sausage we had canned at home, fried that up with some sauerkraut, peeled a few taters and garlic cloves for garlic mashed potatoes, a bit of brocoli, corn meal muffin and we had a very tasty supper again.
         Our Weber grill is sitting out in the rain patiently waiting to cook for us (soon I hope). But hey its pretty warm now for a few days just missing the sunshine and dry weather.
        That was it for a another great day in southern Mississippi. Oh at the chiropractor I filled out the necessary forms and the receptionist at the desk called me in, "Mr. George" y'all can come back now! Gotta love these southern Belles!
        Thanks for stopping in for a peak, y'all come back now hear ! 
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  1. The cold weather is moving into Arizona. That's the really cold weather. I wish it'd keep on going east ... sorry.

    1. Oh I am sure we will get our share, hopefully not as cold as there thou!

  2. Doing 2 casinos in 2 days is okay, sometimes you just have to get out for a walk!

    1. Did the walking outside today, casino agin on friday I think.


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