Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Sunday, January 06, 2013

Just more rain... and a bit of sight seeing

Where are we today ?
        This map below is the area where we are staying for about three more weeks, another campground in about 10 days. Membership campgrounds and these are $12.00 a night but includes cable tv and wifi too so not to bad. So we can explore a bit and enjoy it lots, hopefully the weather will get better soon. But hey, no snow and not too cold.
Biloxi Mississippi area
this be our rainy site this morning
        This campground is more than 75% full, nothing fancy but reasonable, full hookups, cement parking pads and patios, close to lotsa stuff.
the new bridge over the bay into Biloxi
        Last time we were here was 2007 just after hurricane Katrina in 2006 or was it 2005? and the area was very devastated. Pretty much recovered now and looking much better.
        Today because of the rainy weather we decided to check out the Biloxi Visitors Center  and museum (10 minutes away) which is a rebuilt mansion and opened in July 2011, next to the Biloxi Lighthouse which was also rebuilt again after Katrina.
vistor center
more lobby
heading upstairs
lighthouse model
picture of Jimmy Buffet on the beach
looking east down the beach
looking west
lighthouse in front
huge upper porch
        We watched many videos in this impressive visitors center and spent a couple hours checking things out. It is a very worthwhile visit and best thing its FREE!
beach cleanup after Katrina
more cleanup
lighthouse and visitor centre
Hard Rock cafe and Casino
restaurant on the beach, above the wave surges, they hope!
Back home just waiting for more campers to park their rigs
        The rain has stopped, so tonight we are going to fire up our Weber Q 100 to bake a couple of potatoes, grill some chicken thighs add a few veggies, fresh bun and enjoy a wonderful BBQ'd supper. Its been way too long since we have done this. over a week , our Weber is feeling rather put out!
        Now that we have had a BBQ'd meal all is good, and the weather is meh ? Who cares we are good!
        Had a great day and hope you did too, just wanna thank you for stopping by to visit and take a peak at what we doin.
          Y'all come back now, hear??

Check out the map below to see where we have been this winter
View Winter 2012-1013 in a larger map


  1. We loved Biloxi and stayed at the Elks just across the street from the beach. Fabulous.

    1. Yeah looking good will be checking things out.

  2. Wow that meal looks good, enjoy and stay dry!

  3. Hi Guys ....

    For some reason, I was unable to leave comments the last three days ...

    The new fridge looks great ... I hope you get many years of great service from it.

    The Biloxi visitor's centre is very impressive.

    I know the bad weather won't get you down, because you both love to read ... ha ha.

    Take care ... TnT

    1. You are right miserable weather more reading time, so its a win, win for us.

  4. Nice museum. Even nicer price.
    Those lane-ways at the park look mighty narrow. Backing a fiver into a spot looks to be a bit tricky. For you at least, the price is right.

    1. Yes the park road are very narrow, all one way streets so that helps a bit.

  5. I was stationed in Gulfport during my Navy Construction Battalion days... a long time ago :))
    Cruised that beach highway many times... lookin' for "adventure." I remember the beach sand being so white and fine.
    Box Canyon Mark

    1. It is a very nice area, even better in the nice weather!

  6. We'll have to check out the Biloxi visitor's center next time we visit that area. We're leaving Orlando in a week and heading your way.

    1. It is a worthwhile visit. We leaving here in 8 days then to Pass Christian for two weeks.

  7. Hope your rain clears up soon. We had our share over New Year's now we are back to beautiful sunshine. We spent a night in Biloxi a few years ago. Made a bit of money at the casinos, using "their" money of course, love the Player's Club. Nice to see that things are finally looking better there, even when went through in 2008, it still looked bad in areas.

    Kevin and Ruth

    1. Today is nice and sunny but looks like more rain on the way. We will wait for another rainy day and check out a casino or two.


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