Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Monday, January 14, 2013

Rainy day and another Casino.

Where are we today ?
        Monday with more of the same weather, overcast and drizzly but not quite as warm 66f (19C). Certainly better than they are getting in other parts of the country but not as good a some parts of Florida. 
        We had anticipated this weather ( 'cause the weatherman told us) a few days ago it was gonna be like this. So after puttering around a bit and a couple walkabouts we went to check out another Casino. Just because we could and it wasn't real great for playing outside. Today's casino of choice was Isle Casino. Now becoming under under new ownership, will be called the Golden Nugget from Las Vegas, Laughlin Nevada and Atlantic City. 
Isle Casino
        To take advantage of their deals on a Monday. Again they have a half price lunch buffet for "seniors" 50 plus, so for 5 bucks each we had another one meal for the day feast. And they gave us each $10.00 free slot play.
        This is the third buffet we have been to while in the area and not too bad. A good variety and tasty, just not as good, maybe we are eating at too many buffets, ya think?  The best one was Boomtown the first Casino we went to. And Boomtown was the one that we won the most money at as well. Today our free slot play allowed us to play for quite a while, winning and loosing but could never hit the ten dollar mark in winnings. At ten dollars we would have cashed out, but instead we just kept playing thinking maybe? Nope we did not spend any of our money other ten dollars for lunch. But had over three hours of entertainment out of the rain. And full bellies to boot.
this was my main course
        Main course was good, lotsa variety and while I was checking out desert I saw them bring out a couple fresh Pizzas, so not being a real desert lover (true!) I opted for a fresh hot piece of pie. (Pizza Pie that is).
and a cheese stuffed crust to boot
Fishing boats behind the casino
        Well thats it, no more buffets need to be attended by us for quite a while now (I hope). Deal or no deal just don't know when to quit eating, good thing its for lunch, no need for supper again. I am starting to miss my own cooking.
         What was left of the dreary day allowed us to read for a while, compute and pack up a few outside items before we got a heavy rain. Sure much better than cold white stuff thou!  We are heading out in the morning, just a movin' on down the road, new places and new faces.
        Thanks for dropping in again, you are welcome anytime.
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  1. We love those casino buffets, too, too much!

  2. Because you are eating lunch out and then not eating supper you are probably saving money. Yes you miss your own cooking but you could travel across the US eating only at Casinos and not have to buy groceries. Heck you wasted your money replacing your fridge. LOL! Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. No more buffets for a while, need fridge to keep our beer cold thou! Priorities ya know.

  3. We make pigs of ourselves at the buffets. That's why we can't go too often.

  4. we always love to visit new casinos, especially the ones that want to give us money for free to play with

  5. The weather is a big concern all over.


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