Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Heading to Louisiana and have lunch with friends.

Where are we today ?
        Today we are heading out and have a plan. There is a nice couple we met a few years ago on the road from California. Fulltime rv'ers and keep running into the all over the USA. Palm Springs California, Yuma Arizona, Bullhead City Arizona, Rockport Texas and almost going to meet them here. We keep in touch frequently and find out that they are in Abita Springs Louisiana heading to Wolf River Resort in Mississippi on the same day we are heading to Abita Springs. So either we pass on the highway or meet somewhere to catch up.
        We are both only travelling 59 miles today and I picked a spot at Diamond Head that we could meet for lunch.
we travel for A to B for lunch 15 minutes.
        A woman in the campground told us this place (the Red Zone) had great burgers so we gonna meet them here.
        We pulled in and secured a parking spot at 11:15 am, then a few minutes later they arrived and pulled in behind us. Not easy to find parking for two rigs with tow vehicles over 55 feet long each but we did.
         Its been a year or more since we have seen each other and after great hellos, and hugs we headed in for lunch. So nice to meet up again! They have never been to this area and are really enjoying it. Getting caught up, trying not to miss anything. We started with deep fried dill pickles, (they have never had) and they were awesome, best I have ever had!
Rick and Suzy
deep fried dill pickles
         Me and my Suzie shared an 8 oz home made burger and fries (excellent). We chatted and we chatted until finally we have to get on the road they have 15 minutes to travel and we have 45 minutes to go but with storms coming into the area we like to reach our destination and get set up before it rains. Promising to keep in touch and will meet up again on the road.
awesome burger and  fries we shared.
hey thats us!
        Back on the road, cross the state line into Louisiana then our turn off to Abita Springs. We really love this area, north shore of Lake Ponchatrain, St Tammany Parish and small town Louisiana.
 Just love coming onto Abita Springs, we have been here so many times.
coming into town
No stoplights in town but they do have a roundabout
          Arrived at the resort but can only stay 10 days, they are booked for Mardi Gras. A very busy time here. Especially with the Super Bowl this weekend in New Orleans and Mardi Gras next week, sure gonna a be a busy time around here.
         But we did secure a small site that we can stay on for our duration with full hookups. Good thing we have a small slideout, trees in the way.
our site
        One thing we do notice around here is the loyalty they have for their home football team, New Orleans Saints. Signs, banners, flags everywhere.
         The weather hot and sticky sun shinning and we had rain! But just a few short bursts couple times, just enough to send us inside for two minutes then back out again. But did get a chance to read for a while, fire up our Weber to grill some hot dogs for supper and open a can of New England Clam chowder. We don't do much canned stuff but it was quick easy and a  tasty light meal after a very tasty lunch.
          Dressed our dogs with all the stuff, peanut butter, cheese, mayo, tomatoes, onions, mustard, and relish gotta have it all on the dogs. A nice bowl of chowder and all is good.
a nice tasty treat
        Thats it for today, we relocated to one of our favourite areas and have a few things planned for the next ten days, not much, just enough new things that we have not seen before.
         Thanks for stopping by for a visit hope your day was a good as ours!

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  1. Isn't it fun to meet up with friends on the road !!

    Ahh, you are back to an area you love. Mind you, there are lots of areas you love ... LOL.

    Take care ... TnT

    1. Yes lunch with them worked out great, and there is a lot of areas we love,and all for different reasons too, sure is nice to visit them occasionally.

  2. Most everything is good on the grill, even hot dogs. Maybe you'll partake in some pre-Mardi Gras activities while there. Enjoy.

    1. And there is a lot of Mardi Gras Festivities in the area, over 20 Parades.

  3. Meeting up with friends along the way is lots of fun.

  4. So much fun meeting with friends along the road, then having lyunch out together.

  5. Is that a typo? Peanut butter on a hotdog!!!

    1. No typo, peanut butter is good on lotsa things including hot dogs, try it!

  6. Not sure how you might have ever discovered that George!! But seeing as how you've never steered me wrong before I might have to actually try it. :)

    1. Taste pretty good as long as you like peanut butter.


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