Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Can't post pictures on your blog? Try this. Overcast but 65f we can handle it.

Where are we today ?

        Got problems posting your pictures on Blogger? 
        Well being it was a overcast cool day again and while doing some computing I got an email from a friend and fellow blogger that has been having trouble posting pictures on her blog lately.  Emails back and forth asking questions and trying things out, think we have found the solution.
        She is using Windows 7 and Internet Explorer version 9 and cannot post pictures on her blog. She clicks on insert image, then upload but the "Upload Files" button is missing. Works fine for me on my Mac using Google Chrome as my browser. So got my wife (Suzie) to check her PC with Windows 7 and Internet explorer 9, guess what? She is having the same problem. So she opened up her Google Chrome Browser and Blogger is working just fine can now insert pictures.
         So my simple solution would be to download another free browser preferably Google Chrome or maybe even Firefox and that should solve your frustrating dilema. I have three web browsers I can use sometimes when I have a problem with a website. It appears that Internet Explorer version 9 does not want to play with Blogger.
          Hope this information is helpful and works for you.

          After deciding that we did not want tour about today in this dull cool weather. I went looking for some fresh seafood. A few minutes away in Biloxi is Quality Poultry and Seafood and was pleasantly surprised. With the huge selection af boat fresh seafood available. Wow, where to start?? I looked and I looked at all the different types of fish, shrimps, crabs, oysters and cooking spices. After chatting with the friendly help for a bit picked up a lb of bay scallops, for our freezer, and lb a fresh large shrimp (packed in ice) and two crab stuffed potatoes for tonights supper, oh we gonna have a feast. Gotta go back there before we leave for more, thats for sure!
fresh shrimp
lotsa shrimp
fresh fish
         Then around the corner a huge fishing dock with lots of huge shrimp boats.
lotsa shrimp boats
         Down the street another casino, Jimmy Buffets Margaritaville Casino and Restaurant, maybe go check this place out for my brother Chris (a Jimmy Buffet Fan).
        Then back home to compute, research a bit more. Think I solved a problem some people maybe having with Blogger.
        A couple walkabouts the resort enjoying the fresh air and we even got to relax outside and read for a while, almost warm enough for a couple hours.
         Cooling down about 4:30 time to clean a few shrimp and whip up a very tasty supper of garlic shrimp, crab stuffed baked potatoes, steamed brocoli and a corn bread muffin just hit the spot.
1/2 pound of  fresh shrimp
very tasty garlic shrimp and crab stuffed potato
          Was tasty and very reasonable, sure beats the restaurant deals. Total cost about twelve dollars total including a couple beer.
        Another fun relaxing day in  southern Mississipi, lets see what tomorrow brings.
         Thanks for stopping by for a peak. Life is good for us hope it is for you too! 
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  1. Since Google Chrome would not let me write the blog on my Windows 7 Laptop I went to Internet Explorer. Tomorrow after we're set up at the next camp I'll try the Firefox. Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Strange my wife uses chrome on here windows 7 laptop for her blog no problems.

  2. That seafood market sure looks interesting. I have a couple browser also just in case one gets a hiccup too.

  3. I kinda gave up on IE a few years back. Sometimes you don't know just what it's NOT doing for you, until you try another browser. I haven't made the leap to "Chrome" just yet, but that day may come.

    1. I think you will like chrome even better, when the time comes.


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