Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Sunshine finally !

Where are we today ?
        Hey today the sun is shining yippee! Almost forgot what it looked like. Just lovin it, makes you feel awesome, small problem thou with a 20 mph NW wind, sure don't feel like 13c (55f). Anywho wear a sweater and walkabout the place for a while, keep movin is fine. 
the beach down by the river, will be nice in the summer!
        Then Suzie and I hopped in the car and drive a few back roads over to Gulfport and check out this free museum the Busted Wrench Garage a 6,000 square foot garage with a few handfulls of real neat cars. I really enjoyed it for as long as Suzie would let me, then we chatted with the owner there for a while about local attractions and stuff. Real nice to chat with the local people who give us few tips and info about the area. 
        After leaving here we drove along the Gulf Coast for a bit enjoying the sunshine and white sandy beaches. Spotted Harbor Square park and the Gulf port Yacht club. So just had to drive around and check out the park and take a peak at some of these amazing yachts!
this one is HUGE
Just a Toy
         Not many people about even thou it was a nice sunny but a very cool wind.
Coast Guard
         Then a few miles west back towards home check out the water front at Pass Christian, where there is the Oyster Festival happening this weekend, we hope to come back and take a peak, if we can work it into our busy schedule.
         Back home walkabout an bit more and tried to find a sunny place to sit out of the wind, just did not happen, but managed to fiddle around, clean the car and more walkabouts, enough to enjoy the sunshine and fresh air.
          Next thing we know  it's time to start supper. Too windy for the BBQ so, fried up a couple boneless chicken breasts cut into strips, a few spices, left over Alfredo sauce, peas, fettucini, sliced tomato and a crusty bun did the trick.
        Thats it for today, lotsa sunshine, lotsa fun, and a great home cooked meal, even got to compute and read a while too.
        Does its get much better? Maybe a bit warmer would be nice, but this is still pretty awesome in our minds.
        Thanks for stopping in for a read and peaking at my pictures too, and hope y'all come back now, hear?

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  1. Glad to hear that the sun is shinning, too bad it is still pretty chilly out. Sounds like you had a great day despite the weather.

    Kevin and Ruth

    1. Always have a great day, just hoping for warmer soon.

  2. Looks like a bit of everything in that!

  3. It's amazing how a little sunshine can make us feel so much better. It looks like you did get out and enjoy it.

  4. Glad you had a great day and enjoyed the sunshine!

  5. Replies
    1. That would be great, enjoy Styx, keep coming we at TLC Martin River Pass Christian!

  6. A little, or a a lot, of sunshine puts a smile on everyone's face and makes for a near perfect day. Hope it continues.

    1. The sunshine is great , looking good for a while yet too.

  7. Lots of neat cars. You do always mange to find something interesting to check out.

    1. There is always stuff to see usually if you have the time to check it out, and we do!


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