Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Cold weather and fun in the sun...

Where are we today ?
        From hot humid and rainy on Wednesday morning, it cooled down all day with the rain, to last night it went below freezing! Got up this morning and frost (ice) on the car windshield. (Tuesday night we had our windows open). 
        Down by the ponds about 6:30 am and fog coming off the warm water. The water temps are much warmer than the air.
       Then took off to do some shopping, pick up a few groceries and got myself a new pair of walking shoes. Seems that I wear a pair out every year about this time, so now am good to go for another year.
        Back home a quick bite for lunch, couple more walkabouts breaking in my new shoes, then lets enjoy the warm sunshine with our books!
        With the tall pine trees here we need to enjoy the sun where we can find it. So move around a bit here and there, chat with lotsa new neighbors and had a great afternoon, gotta love all these friendly rv'ers, such awesome people.
        There is a large group from here heading out to Camellia Cafe in Abita Springs. They have a thursday special 55% off for seniors over 55. Well we had decided that with such a great day we will save our money and fire up our Weber grill. BBQ a couple burgers, fresh onion buns and all the toppings, with homemade fries. We will save Camellia's for maybe next thursday if the weather is yukky.
just really enjoying the great weather today.
       Our Weber and Fry Daddy hard at work.
Thats it, nothing fancy but tastes pretty good
         Simple day with extreme temperatures and lotsa sunshine, works for us.
        Oh, forgot to mention. If you read yesterday's posting I went into town for a chiropractic adjustment. A very friendly place. Well last night at 7:50pm I got a phone call from this Chiropractor asking how my back was! He apologized for being rushed this morning because they were so busy. I told him I was feeling somewhat better. He suggested that I could drop by his office NOW (he was still there anyway) and he would adjust it a bit more (no charge). Never had a doctor that cared that much. Well I had to decline because it was almost 8 pm and we were done for the day. I will see him friday morning at 10 am anyway. Now how is that for southern hospitality ?
        Thanks for stopping by and takin a peak.

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  1. Nobody was sitting outside around here today. Someone turned the heat off! Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. Cold? I don't like that term especially during the winter and in the south!

  3. I love your map...Joe and I have been looking for warm weather since December......the older we get, the more we long for warm, sunny days. The fog over the pond is really pretty! Until later....have a great day!

    1. Thanks for stopping in and checking us out, enjoy you weather too.

  4. Lucky you re the weather and the Dr. Could be snowing you know!

    1. Huh what are you trying to say???? No understand???

    2. I guess I need to spend more time online and add more words. So sorry.

      I was saying how lucky you were to only have the weather problems that you are.....and no snow. It can always be way worse, ie snow.

      As to your Chiro Dr., you are very very fortunate to find someone who truly cares. I am a nurse and realize that this is very rare.

    3. No problem..
      Thanks for clarifying that comment now it makes sense.


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