Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A fun day Exploring the Gulf Shores in the sun.

Where are we today ?
        Just more wonderful weather today, and we can certainly suffer with that. This morning after walkabouts, coffee and the usual computing headed of to pick up a few groceries. And the nice thing is the drive along the gulf shores. Check out a few pics below if ya like.
Shrimp Boats in Pass Christian
grooming the beaches
         Headed towards Long Beach and the beaches are being groomed, moving sand here and there, and taking it away from the seawall that is along the 27 mile walkway along these beautiful beaches.
the seawall
        I was able to find a place to stop and take a picture of the dolphin carvings of a devastated oak tree taken out by Katrina.
nice carving
Tractors grooming the beach
        After a bite to eat for lunch on a beautiful day we headed out for a drive. Down to the Gulf Shores and over to Bay St Louis Mississippi. A wonderful leisurely drive along the shores of the Gulf of Mexico. Not a long drive altogether just 36 miles (58kms), but very scenic and lots to see.
36 miles today
        We passed many properties that have been devastated by hurricanes in this area, and this one below looks like it was a very nice property at one time almost like a small castle, all boarded up. If only these places could tell us a story!
        Then across the long bridge to Bay St. Louis. This bridge is new since Katrina took the other one away.
        We drove along Beach Blvd. in Bay St Louis for a few miles just enjoying the wonderful sunny day a white sandy beaches.
rebuilding the beaches and seawalls
this pier is closed for reconstruction
         It is amazing how these people still are building waterfront properties on the Gulf right here. To be on the waterfront and prepared for the next hurricane/tornado/waves that will happen at some time in the future, and they will. At least they should be above the hurricane surges and flood waters that will come with the storms.
        Above is only a few pics that I took, there is whole subdivisions that are built like this along the coast and even many miles inland as well.
another oak tree carving along the shore
        Now a wonderful tour today and back home shortly after 3 o'clock in time to read for a bit in the sun, our own private happy hour and then fire up the Weber (4:42 today) for supper.
        Tonight some grilled potatoes, acorn squash, smoked pork chops and a small garlic loaf.
tasty and really hit the spot
        Just a great day exploring and enjoying the fresh breezes by the ocean, walkabouts, read for a bit and a tasty supper.
        Now compute a while, read for a bit and let the tv watch me too. Looking forward to another great day tomorrow. Better than back home with temps about -28c (-18f) and lots snow.
        Hey thanks for stopping by again for a read. We had a great day, hope you did alright with yours too.
Check out the map below to see where we have been this winter
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  1. Love the beaches and looks like a great place to spend a few sunny days.

  2. definitely a great day of touring why they continue to rebuild there is beyond me...

    1. Waterfront property and the view is nice but....

  3. Those carvings are kinda cool.
    I'm not so sure I'd want to build too much of anything on those properties so close to shore. I would imagine that land prices are way down, but still.

    1. Not too sure why people want to keep building here too.

  4. Loved seeing the "new life" in your pictures of the Gulf Shores. I also find it amazing to see the determination and strength those people who live there find to start again and keep going even after they were devastated. I certainly can't say I'd have that strength. I sure give them credit.

    1. Yes they sure do want to keep the area they love going.

  5. Love the white sand. Those folks have had so many difficulties. Kudos to them for rebuilding.

    1. Thats for sure, they do love the Gulf coast!

  6. What a nice drive you had. Love the tree carvings. We never did get to the beach while we were there. Next time!

    1. There is always another time, to see what's new!


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