Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Saturday, January 26, 2013

3rd Annual Pass Christian Oyster Festival

Where are we today ?
        A great nights sleep and an early morning as usual. After a few coffees, check emails and blogs then a walkabout the resort. Just enjoying the peace a quiet down by the bayou. Love this area and the weather is awesome!
        Our plan for today was to check out the Pass Christian Oyster Festival not far from here about a 10 minute drive. So off we go about 10:30 am and look for a parking spot. Just love to check out these local festivities. Found a spot to park not too far away and headed down to the waterfront and check out whats going on.
That be Suzie's hat above, its a wonderful sunny warm day
        I took lotsa pictures, and only posted a few. Just so much to see and do taking in the local flair.
fishing boats here
fried green tomatoes anyone?
we are early so not too crowded
good deal for beer
cool place for your small pets
great entertainment all day long
        Now there is an awesome selection of foods here. Its an Oyster festival so Oysters in any shape of form and anyway you like them, or fish, shrimp, chicken, fries, rice, or gyros, popcorn, corn dogs lots to choose from.
raw oysters
        Everything is set up here right on the waterfront and weather today was perfect. Sunshine, no wind and about 78 f (25c). Now neither one of us are oyster fans in any form. But we had an early lunch before we headed out. There was lotsa vendors there and we enjoyed the music and ambiance of the day. This one couple from Wisconsin were eating some fried oysters and french fries. I asked where she got them and offered a sample. Glad I tried them not for us. She did not like them either. tried a sample of boiled peanuts, but again too spicy for Suzie. But gotta do it.

want a coke or a beer? Same price.
Tye died clothes anyone
shucking oysters here
fried green tomato burger?
Cajun food

beautifully made doll beds
oyster lamps
by the waterfront
a pier still devastated by Katrina here
crawfish platter?
more oyster shucking
        We checked all the food and the vendors lotsa stuff here, listened to some great music for a while and settled on one dollars worth of kettle corn and two $2.00 beers. Sat by the water, people watched and looked out at the calm waters and all the yachts and fishing boats next to the restaurant balcony.
         The crowds are starting to come in for all the activities, and the cruise cars are arriving to show off their great looking vehicles.  But now we are heading out taking our time checking the cars  and just enjoying the fresh sea air and wonderful sunshine.
        On our way back to the car checked out a few of the rides set up mostly for children. Still pretty quiet. Love these small town fairs, not too crowded and fun to wander about.
       After leaving here we drove along the shore road checking out a few of the mansions. Most have been rebuilt  or repaired but all are very impressive looking places. Again right on the waterfront just waiting for the next hurricane to arrive and hope they survive.
        Then back home mid afternoon,and guess what? Got our chairs and books out to enjoy this awesome day that we are having.
its the weekend lotsa kids having fun
         Then as the day wore on fired up our Weber, threw on two potatoes in foil with onions, (a couple baked potatoes for homefried potatoes too) and a a nice lean pork loin roast.
        Added some steamed cabbage, and homemade applesauce that we had and a great supper again.
very tasty
        So there ya go we had a fun winter day on the Gulf Shores of Mississippi. Hope you had a good one too.
        Thanks for stopping by for a visit.

Check out the map below to see where we have been this winter
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  1. You sure did take a lot of pictures. However, it's hard not to when you've got all those beautiful things to look at.

  2. always love the local festivals...

    1. Yes you really get to visit with more local people too all in one place.

  3. Enjoyed the pictures thanks for sharing them I am an arm chair traveler I have seen the world through other people's eyes

    1. Glad to share the pictures, thanks for stopping by.

  4. Looks like a fun day especially in the sunshine. Tye dyed clothes...coming back???? Love the mansions.

    1. Some amazing looking mansions and the tye dyed clothes, looks like they are!

  5. I read about the festival and would have went if we had stayed. Sounds like lots of fun and good food. I knew my tye dyed shirt was back in vogue.

    1. Too bad it was a good time.
      Love your shirt by the way!


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