Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Foggy morning, great day..

Where are we today ?
        Early morning fog here like pea soup. About 9:30 did a quick trip to Wally World for a few groceries then back home. Along the Gulf coast the fog was thick, so thick had to put on the windshield wipers a few times. A couple hundred feet from the water and could not even see it.
        Shortly after 10 am back home and no fog here (we are 4 miles from the ocean). So a quick jaunt to the Fleamarket, 2 miles up the road to see if anything is new. Nope nothing new there, but some good entertainment to keep us dancing thru the isles enjoying the sites and sounds with the fresh air. 
good entertainment too
        Noticed this cute guy in his doll stroller really enjoying the market thou.
Hi you got treats?
        Then on the way out saw a cool looking old VW bug customized to look like an old Ford Pickup truck.
         Well had a nice outing , walkabout the market and the campground, putter around a bit,  then we were able to get the chairs and books out to read for a bit again. Not for very long but we did manage to squeeze a few chapters in.
        I made a small batch of potato salad for supper, along with a tossed salad, grilled couple garlic sausage we brought from Canada and ended our day with another tasty meal.
another tasty supper
         Afterwords noticed a nice bright full moon just rising in the sky. Then compute, read for a bit more and let the TV watch me for a while, to make sure I am ready for bed.
        What can I say another wonderful day just flew by and we enjoyed every minute of it.
        Thanks for stopping by and hope you had a good one too!

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  1. As long as the early morning fog lifts it's not too bad. Loved the little fella in the sweater.

  2. Amazed at how many people use strollers for their pets, you can get a real surprise if you walk up and compliment their cute child without looking.

  3. I always get a kick out of seeing dogs in strollers.

  4. Funny how the sunshine can change to fog the next day so quickly.

    We still enjoy going through the flea markets, and particularly when there is entertainment as well.

    We always laugh when we see pets in strollers or in baskets on bikes ... too cute.

    Take care ... TnT

  5. Flea markets with entertainment can always be fun.

  6. Next week. NEXT WEEK! Garlic sausages from Denninger's! I can almost taste them.
    And the ones you have there look almost the same. Gotta stop checking these blogs right around dinner time.

    1. Some things that we love, just cannot get anywhere else. I know you will really enjoy them now!!!
      NEXT WEEK!!!

  7. Hmmm we got fog too, please keep it north of the US border.



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