Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Friday, February 01, 2013

A great sunny day here in Louisiana.

Where are we today ?
        Wonderful sunny warm weather again gotta love it! Early morning walkabouts, coffees and computing, fresh air, all is wonderful. Plan this morning is to get back to my Chiropractor in town for a 10 am appointment and have a few more adjustments done. Got that done and feel like a new person. Too bad I worked way too many hours on my feet (17 hour days in my restuarant) and ten/12 hour shifts on a forklift when I was younger, did not know any better. But this adjustment does make me fell much better.
        Then did a bit of grocery shopping and back home to take the laundry to the machines and let them do the hard labor. I can read for a bit here then back home we can read some more outside in the afternoon sun. A couple walkabouts in between too.
        Our neighbor beside us started a small campfire this morning and we had a really nice ambiance, smokey campfire in the air all day. Love it! Almost like real camping.
         We have a nice bright sunny day about 65f (18c) until later on. When the sun started to set.
        There was a tag-along at 4:30 today for a Mardi Gras Parade in Mandeville which we would have loved to go to, but.... The Parade starts at 7pm and is going to be a cool evening 40f (4c) kinda cool for hanging out and not real good for my new back adjustment either. Bad back kinda sucks.. but could be worse right.
         So we hung out here, and cooked up a nice supper for Suzie (me too). Fired up our Weber put together some shish-kebobs with bacon wrapped bay scallops, fresh mushrooms, yellow peppers, and grape tomatoes. Olive oil, a few spices then on the grill.
Ready to cook
on the grill almost done
That's it, whipped up a rice pilaf to add and all is good
        Thats it for a wonderful warm sunny day in Louisiana. Sure beats the alternative right?
        Thanks for dropping in again and enjoy whatever weather you have, hope its good fo ya.

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  1. We did many things when were younger. Thank goodness we don't have to do them now or we'd be in a lot of trouble.

  2. Sounds like a perfect day. Glad the adjustment helped...bad back = no fun! We love scallops.Your bobs looked yummy.
    Until next time.....enjoy!

  3. I just may have to try out that recipe on my new Weber Grill - it sure looks good!

  4. Perhaps you could get the chiro to give you a few exercises to help strengthen your back.

  5. Hope the tune up on the back works well, those were sure some long days you worked. Being in that area of the country this year sure has made for some delicious seafood dinners. Have a great Saturday.

    1. I did those long hours before I found out there was more to life than work!
      Yea for sure great seafood here.


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