Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Monday, December 17, 2012

Heading back south, stopped at Cave City Kentucky for the night.

Where are we today ?
        As usual we up earl waiting to hit the road. We had time to compute, a pot pf coffee and showers then at 7 am we hit the road, almost sunrise.
987 kms, 613 miles today
        We got to the Ambassador Bridge in Detroit about 9:30 and had about a twenty minute wait for customs. Then Back on the road. But the questions asked, you think they don't track you? We were asked why we crossed into the USA in August. Remember back then, we took a small ferry from Sombra Ontario to Marine City Michigan, had lunch stopped at the duty free shop the back to Ontario, about 3 hours in total across the border! Yep  they are watching us!
line up for USA customs
        Most of the day was overcast, but did run in to a few heavy rain showers around Cincinnati OH, but no problem we just stopped for a few minutes then back on the road again.
stopped for fuel in Louisville and had a rainbow
        About 5:30 it was starting to get dark so pulled into Cave City and choose a nice Days inn only $39.95 for the night with all the bells we need, tv, wifi, coffee AND a bonus. Get this asked the manager where we could buy some beer and he sadly notified us that this was a dry county, hmmph!!! But he was very nice and GAVE us six beer, would not take any money, now how is that for a nice host?
Nice room

        Now we can relax with a couple cool ones then walked next door to the restaurant. El Mazatlan. Now we were pleasantly surprised  very reasonable prices, and excellent Mexican food, just like the real stuff. The whole bill with tax was under $25.00, more food that we could eat and
that included a pitcher of beer!
free appetizers
this was Suzie's Burrito Real
I had the chili rellano, beef enchilada rice and refried beans, excellent
        Thats it for another fun travel day, now I can put my feet up and watch the tube for a bit.
         And back on the road in the morning to finish the trip back to Alabama and our house,(miss our house!)
Thanks for stopping by again.

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  1. I was leaning over the Balconey railing this morning but I think the cloud covering made it much harder to see you go by. Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. That and the dust from the construction makes it hard to see much, but I did wave!

  2. Wow...that is a first with them tracking you at the Border! Have not heard of that yet. Good thing we keep track of every day, and where we spend them! Nice of the guy giving you a six pack!

    1. Actually this is the second time we have asked about a previous visit, by US customs once was a visit to Mexico.

  3. Don't care for those dry counties, nice of the manager to give you some brews. How did they serve beer at dinner if it was a dry county? Was the hotel on the county line?

    1. Actually kinda a half dry county, can't buy Alcohol in the stores but they can serve it in the restaurants, go figure.

  4. You made good time heading north. Now you've turned around and you're making good time heading back south.

  5. Interesting about the border. Your dinner looks yummy.

  6. Yep CBP is watching you. Every border crossing is recorded.
    Be safe on the road!

  7. Great to see you are making such good time !!

    Wow, who gives away free beer these days ... nice guy !!

    Stay safe, and happy homecoming ... Tnt

  8. Bet you're looking forward to getting out of the car and back into our coach. Keep Safe & CHEERS!

  9. Free beer is the best especially in a dry county :) travels...


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