Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Made a mess of Shortbread cookies today!

Where are we today ?

        Still cold overnight night and no sunshine today but hey did we get a good sleep. Got that 100 pound comforter that just holds us in bed, can't move and keeps us toasty warm too. Suzie has a bit on my cold and I still have la ight cough but we can deal with that.
       Slept late until 7 am turned on the Mr. Heater and the fireplace on our TV soon very comfy inside. Our friends Emile and Monique packed up their trailer and headed west to Abita Springs Louisiana for a few weeks. Will see then somewhere down the road someday. 
we enjoy the yule log
        I made quick trip for a few supplies and returned home to whip a batch of "all butter, melt in you mouth" shortbread cookies. About three dozen total! The recipe that Suzi'es mom uses and it is just awesome. Check it out here  or under the recipe tab above if you wish. Of course we had to sample a few just to make sure they were perfect.
ready to bake
soo yummy
        Then the afternoon was a bit warmer no sunshine, but no wind, so we were able to enjoy some relaxing fresh air with our books outside for a couple hours.
today's sky
I found some more HUGE pinecones to
 take back home for the kids too
         Reading, walkabouts, bake some shortbread cookies was a very nice day. Then time to whip up supper. Tonight a garlic shrimp stir fry with rice, veggies tossed salad and fresh baked buns from Winn Dixie really hit the spot.
yep tasty it was
        Another wonderful day in southern Alabama, and tomorrow is Christmas Eve, we are ready are you?
         Thanks for stopping by for a visit.

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  1. Sometimes just seeing a fire makes us feel warmer. We bought one of those fireplaces you watch on TV a couple years ago. It definitely added warmth to the room. Merry Christmas.

  2. Wish I'd been around with you today - to sample those cookies. Haha....

  3. Those shortbread cookies like yummy. Bet your coach smelled like Christmas after baking those. Merry Christmas to you both.

  4. Nothing like shortbread cookies at Christmas. I never liked them much as a kid because I was always looking for chocolate stuff - but I like them now.

    Merry Christmas to you, Suzie and your entire family!

    1. Thanks Rick same to you and Paulette. I never was much of a chocolate fan , but melt in you mouth shortbreads, sooo good!

  5. Hey, George and Suzie ...

    Hope you are enjoying a wonderful and relaxing Christmas eve.

    We LOVE shortbread cookies, and wish we could sample one or two or three of yours ... lol.

    Sleep tight tonite ... TnT

    1. Relaxing yes!
      The shortbread just melt in your mouth, maybe someday we can do it!

      Merry Christmas to you guys too!


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