Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Monday, December 10, 2012

Tornado warning! but we are fine...

Where are we today ?

        Weather today is iffy. Not really sure whats gonna happen, but it will be what it will be.
        Last night my back was not too good, hmm... (humidity here, much better in Arizona!) up most of the night and I know gotta get a tune up. We are making a long road trip on Wednesday, so first thing this morning check for a chiropractor in Robertsdale, not too far from here. 
          Gonna go there anyway and stop by the first one on my list. Dr. Keith Cooper, they have an opening but need to contact my Doc in Ontario. So relax in a massage chair and get all relaxed,  he talked to my bone cracker and all is cool.  Few adjustments, massages, ultra sound and now I am a new man! WOW!!!! It's so cool here the doc and receptionist all call me "Mr. George", the Doc here is "Mr. Keith (love these southern people). Now we are ready for the road trip.
           Picked  up some "Fire Ant Killer", (need that here for sure) a few groceries then back home. Good thing I have my disposable cell phone cause Miss Suzie all worried about me (gone for like three hours). Mr. George he fine, but we have a tornado warning and Miss Suzie is worried. (Love that woman to death!). I am fine, she is fine and I be home soon.
         She has the TV, the internet,and the CB radio all tuned into the weather channels watching all the stuff. I got home, she settled down took a pill, had a nap and all is good, tornado passed us by.
         New neighbours, one couple from Michigan the other couple from Nova Scotia. Chat with them for bit then a bite for lunch.
        All relaxed now, overcast but still warm out read for while outside, happy hour with Nova Scotia couple, Louise and Bruce , their first time in the area. Sure nice meeting new people.
        Before we know it time to fire up our Weber, grill a couple pork chops, nuke some sweet potatoes with apples, cinnamon and brown sugar, left over corn and a chunk of corn bread from Lamberts cafe. Yep we have a tasty meal.
pork chops on the Weber
        A quick easy supper, we can chat for a bit then now can take it easy for the rest of the night. Compute, read a bit more, watch a movie and call it a night. Should sleep like a baby tonight with a new back.
        Thanks for stopping by to check us out, all is good here tornado passed us by without stopping in. Y'all have a good day now, here?

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  1. Sorry to hear of your back issues, but very glad to hear that Mr. George is back to normal.

    Hope all is well, you keep mentioning a long car trip ahead ...

    Glad the storm missed you .... take care .. Tnt

    1. Back feeling mucho better.
      Tune in the next few days and you can follow us.

  2. Watch out for those big windbags they can be dangerous. Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  3. George - Glad your back is cracked and feeling better and that the tornado passed you by, enjoy your evening and sweet dreams!

  4. Glad to hear you got your back all tuned up and missed the tornado. Hope that you get that good nights rest. Sounded like a nice happy hour and great looking dinner, but wouldn't expect less from you, everything always looks so good!

  5. Good to hear that all is well in Casa George's. Your post sounds very southern!!

    1. We southern US and love it, kinda grows on you.
      Mexico it just does the same thing, just love wherever we are.

  6. I love my chiropractor ... just wished I could bring him with me on the road. Don't you hate listening to the storm warnings? It always seems worse than it really is but that's the media for you.

    1. Yes for the Chiropractor gonna see hi of friday!
      As for the storm warnings , I like these better than Ontario when we get none at all until it is over and too late.
      We can put up with the media here.


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