Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Thursday, December 06, 2012

We can run but we can't hide!

Where are we today ?
         Again today we did not have much of a plan. But first on the agenda was to see what we could do about Suzie's broken glasses. Research on the internet found a place in Pensacola Florida about 30  minutes way so lets go check 'em out. Opti Club looked pretty good..Suzie had broken her prescription frames a couple weeks ago and I did a temporary fix. So a stop in there to see what they could do.
          Within a few minutes we had a solution, our helper had suggested that she could make some new frames work with her lenses. sounds like a good deal! Less than 30 minutes later Suzie had brand new frames, with her prescription lenses installed and we are out the door for a decent price of $88.00 sure beats a new pair of glasses! And done right here while we wait.
        This was a very busy place, good service and good prices , lotsa frames to choose from kinda reminded us of Mexico. Now she happy, I happy and we can head back home for lunch.
        Back home a bite to eat then I can putter about for a bit. Until we here this air horn blowing! Looks like we have been found! Jim and Sharon are pulling in and behind them is Rolf and Johanna two couples that we got together with in Fiesta Key Florida for Thanksgiving.
         Ok they found us and we are glad to see them. We left these guys in Fiesta Key Florida, couple weeks ago (they are from western Canada, we from Eastern Canada) So lets get together catch up and have a "Happy hour" hanging out for a bit and our new friend Steve stopped by to show off another puppy (puppy fix, again for Suzie). No sale but thanks for the visit.
this be the runt   48 hours old
hanging out and catching up
Jim and Sharon
Sharon and Johanna
        Well its getting cool and dark so we gonna head home to whip up a bite to eat for supper. Craving tonight is wings and fries. So fire up our Weber grill and fry Daddy, crisp up some chicken wings and few homemade fries, celery and carrot sticks, hot sauces and dips we have an awesome pub night at home. Even got cold beer here too, two for one at our house and the waitress is the best I have ever had! Absolutely wonderful!
        Now thats it, we have been found, had a great day with friends, amazing weather and an awesome supper. Does it get much better than this?
        Any who, thanks for stopping by for a peak and hope your quiet day was a good one too!

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  1. Photo of your gal with the new specs please......

  2. You are definitely right. We can run and run but as big as we are, there is no hiding. Take care, enjoy and stay visible.

  3. looks like you had a great day and a great supper :)...that baby should not be out trotting around the park:(...mama will smell all the different smells on it...they should invite people to see the mama and litter...poor mama must freak when that baby is missing...nice that your friends caught up with you..thats what this lifestyle is all about :) have a super weekend..

    1. I agree, but the mama actually seems quite content and very laid back. These people have 11 dogs all together.

  4. What kind of puppy is that? Too cute.

    1. Part Golden retriever and part husk. Very nice !!


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