Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Didn't do much but the day flew by!

Where are we today ?
        Not much planned for today just take it easy, before we knew it was over with.  First thing was to whip over to Robertsdale, get an oil change on the car, stop by the bank for a bit of cash and pick up a few foodstuffs.
10 minute oil change
         Back home grab a bite for lunch, then a few maintenance things to putter with. Re-secure our dirt skirt in the coach, check tire pressures on the car and get our sirius satellite radio hooked up in the car (we have a long road trip in the near future, tell you about that later). So taking it easy as much as we can.
        Then we can relax in the shade and enjoy our books for a while. A neighbor stopped by try to catch his runaway puppy and we got to talkin. They just happen to have a bunch of newborn puppies at home and Suzie just gotta see! 
this runaway puppy is deaf
        So over we go to investigate and she can play with a newborn puppy for a while (seven in the litter!) Yep she has her dog fix and we were offered a new puppy too! Hmmm......
awe too cute
proud momma and her babies
        Dog fix taken care of now back to our books and enjoying the peace and quiet of this campground. Wow we lovin this!
         Stayed out as long as there was enough daylight to read, about 5:15pm. Then inside to shred up some potatoes, chop some onion for homefries. Fired up our Weber to grill a couple carrots, a smoked pork chop to share and the last of our potato buns. So tasty and just the right portions too.
        See there, not much to do but where did the time go?  We enjoying southern Alabama. Gotta love that southern drawl! They call me Mr. George and my Wife Miss Suzie.
        Thanks for dropping by and checking us out, y'all come back now, here??

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  1. You left without a free puppy? You weren't even tempted?

  2. humm is there a puppy in your near future?

    1. Don't think so, we find it more fun to visit other peoples dogs, and there is always lots in campgrounds.

  3. I love how polite the Alabamians are too. Miss Suzie and Mr George, it's great! Wish we could go back to those gentile days.

  4. Trust me.....your life will change with a puppy!!

    1. We know, thats why the puppy is not coming on board, nice to visit and hug but send them home works for us! Kinda like grandchildren, love em while they are here but then they go home.


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