Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Happy 80th Birthday Levi! and other stuff too.

Where are we today ?
New Hamburg Ontario

Oh in case you are wondering Levi is Suzie's Dad, the main reason we are here today

        Got a good nights sleep last night and up early as usual, coffees and computing for a bit, even Omer was out on the patio table relaxing on the picnic table waiting for the sunrise. Was -3c (26 f)  and not much warmer than that all day. But hey no snow!
Omer saying good morning!
        Now we had a couple Grandsons playing hockey this morning so I set off for town to watch them play. Suzie busy here helping get ready for the luncheon and open house for her Dad's 80th birthday party. They have it all under control.
nice sunrise and frost in the fields
pretty frosty
         Now at the arena nice to see my daughter and two grandsons on the ice two different games took us from 8 am until 11 am. Wow are they ever playing and skating so much better than in the fall before we left.
         Hockey done, then back to the farm I have time for a shower and off to the Church for lunch with the family and a few friends, 38 in all.
the farm
ice in the laneway
Getting water, juice and coffee ready
         Everybody had most everything set up, the caterer arrived with a wonderful meal of roast beef, gravy, creamy whipped potatoes, carrots, tossed and brocoli salad, rolls and butter, and some very tasty horseradish too.
a very tasty lunch
        Now right on time at 1:30 the cake is ready, sing Happy Birthday and have Levi blow out the one large candle. (80 is way too many).
Happy Birthday Levi
        People began arriving, Mike, Trish and Jordan our friends from Rock Glen Resort were one of the first to arrive on there way to his family Christmas Party. We chatted with them for a bit then more and more people as they arrive, somewhere around two hundred or so came and went over the next three hours. Friends, neigbours, relatives, (you know Aunts, Uncles cousins, nieces, nephews, grandchildren , great grandchildren, etc.. even Suzie's Grandma (97)was there for the day too, and my one daughter and her family dropped in. Everybody getting re-acquainted, chatting, lotsa cake and ice cream, good times were had by all. We were all kept busy cutting, serving, washing and drying dishes just a fun time. So nice to celebrate just because we can.
Suzie's Gramma
a slide show of family pictures on the wall too was nice
lotsa cake and ice cream
        4:30 came and time to wrap things up, open house in officially over. Pack up the leftovers in vehicles to Levi and Beattie's house as they have invited a whole mess of people back there for more food and games. They unloaded all the stuff, I dropped off Suzie and headed back to the farm. Now I can relax for a while (my back was aching from being on my feet most of the day), post the blog and get ready for another busy day again tomorrow, a fairly short road trip.
even Omer relaxing on his lazy boy in the garage for the night
         This is pretty busy time of year for everyone and hope y'all had a wonderful day too.
         Thanks once again for taking a peak.

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  1. What a great party. I bet they were thrilled you were there too. However, I don't like looking at that ice. It looks mighty cold! Loving that Omer though.

  2. Yes it was awesome, but like you said mighty cold!

  3. Happy Birthday to Suzie's Dad. Glad that the celebration was a success and that everyone had a good time.

    Kevin and Ruth

  4. Looks like a fun day was had by all! Nice to celebrate with family.

  5. What a nice celebration for Levi. Glad the weather co-operated.

    Better relax today and rest up for your departure tomorrow.


    1. We will be busy on Sunday to but try to pace ourselves.

  6. What a nice celebration for Levi. Glad the weather co-operated.

    Better rest up today for your departure tomorrow.


  7. Happy Birthday to Levi - what a great looking party!

    You've got a long drive ahead of you - safte travels.

  8. Happy 80th to Levi. He sure looks young to me!

  9. What a great Birthday Party for a great gentleman !!

    Another busy day for you again I see ... lol.

    Take care, TnT


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