Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Sunshine warmer and no wind!!

Where are we today ?
        Cold again overnight but the sunshine sure warms things up here. And we had a wonderful bright sunny day, no clouds , gotta love it! We had a plan to go sightseeing but choose to hang out here and read while we can (love to read outside in the sun!). 
         The resort is getting busier every day, almost a steady stream or rv's coming in and setting up. Look at this rig below, with a full sized trailer and inside a full sized Jeep and golf cart and they are from Alaska! Or at least his plates say so anyway.
lotsa stuff there
        A quick trip to the corner store takes me past the Styx River Shouting center next to the resort. We can hear the guns shooting all day long and when we see the line of vehicles parked there know why.
        Being Canadians we are not used to that at home, but here, it is what it is.
getting used to the shooting center
        The afternoon sunshine and reading outside is what we really enjoy. Then mid afternoon fired up our oven and popped in this wonderful 6 lb bone in ham we picked up on sale ($7.16), made some scalloped potatoes and added to the oven as well. Heated up some peas and carrots and boy we have a very tasty supper. Now we have lots more leftovers. Ham sandwichs, ham salad, ham casseroles, ham and eggs, etc... we will get a lot of mileage from that ham for sure. 
        Thats it for another great day, but we have been in this area for quite a while, and only because of our trip to Ontario and as part on our membership camping three weeks of no overnight camping fees. Lets just take it easy and relax over Christmas and New Years and get over our colds, (which are clearing up nicely by the way).
        We had a day trip planned for today but the weather was too nice to leave so if the spirit moves us will try again tomorrow.
         Thanks for dropping by again and the way it looks right now Jan. 1st we will hit the road travelling a bit more west to a new destination.

Check out the map below to see where we have been this winter
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  1. Sometimes when it's nippy outside it's just best to stay inside. At least that's how we felt today. It was really nippy. How far south do we really have to go to get the warmer weather?

    1. Just keep going I guess, where abouts are you guys?

  2. Shouting Center, is that a malapropism?

  3. How do you find these great bargains on food. First the turkey, now the ham?
    We'll be heading to Styxx soon but hope it warms up a little.

    1. I enjoy grocery shopping and take the time to look for deals, part of the local small town living we enjoy.


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