Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Friday, December 07, 2012

Seniors Parking ?

Where are we today ?
         Early this morning headed out for a few supplies and had to make note of the parking signs, First time I have seen this one! Always see handicapped parking and lately expecting mothers parking, today I noticed a sign for seniors parking!
         Hey we are being recognized!  Awesome,getting older does have its perks, discounts, and now even parking spots too! Don't need em, yet,  but before we know it the whole parking lot will have special parking spots for everybody.
          Enough of that, back home and our friends Jim and Sharon are hitting the road this morning Drop by and say our goodbyes, see you down the road somewhere and safe travels. They are heading to Mexico for a couple months.
Jim and Sharon heading out
         Yesterday we got new frames for Suzie's glasses and I did not take a picture (sorry Contessa!). So now here its is, not much different than her other pair but the price was right and she is way too happy (can't you tell?)
same lenses new frames
         Was an overcast day but we did get to spend a few hours outside enjoying our books with mild temps. Late afternoon Rolf and Johanna  returned from shopping and touring. Stopped by for Happy hour and showed us this Egg Plant they bought, with a personality. Love the look of this veggie! The nose, the hat wonderful.
the nose knows
        We had our Weber going with a couple baked potatoes, can of mushrooms, and white corn for supper. Then when we are ready ready throw on a T-bone steak for a couple minutes to warm up and soon we have and awesome supper!
         That was it for another warm Alabama day, even with overcast skies it was awesome.
         Another day enjoyed,  thanks for dropping in!
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  1. Sounds like another great day, glad you had fun!

  2. If they had senior parking in Arizona, the spaces would always be full since most of the folks out there shopping are seniors.

  3. Where are your friends travelling to in Mexico?

    Good look on Suzie, I am still wearing taped glasses:( Might be another week before the new ones are ready. These can't be repaired until we get home.

    Love that eggplant.

    1. They are going to Puerto Vallarta from Texas, then up the west coast. Told then about Stone Island, but not worth the drive in for only a couple days. They are from Alberta and BC.

  4. Actually the road is in such good condition that it can be done in 30 -40 minutes and Is worth it.


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