Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Sweet Home Alabama!

Where are we today ?

We going back home to our house yippee!
Home is where you park it and right now its parked in Alabama!

        Well we were at Cave City Kentucky for the night (Day's Inns) had a good nights sleep and up early as usual. Coffee's, computing and a hot shower waiting for the sunrise. So about 7 am went to the lobby for the free breakfast, perfect! Bagels, cream cheese, muffins, cereals coffee, juice etc.. thats all we need.
868 kms, 539 miles today 
        Then at 7:10 we are on the road clear sailing all daylong making good time, no traffic tie ups just keep on going. We have driven this route a few times before in our coach but sure looks different in the car, can't nearly see as much.
again Batman towers in Nashville
        About noon we crossed into Alabama and find its getting much warmer but we did not bring our shorts with us. So we just have to suffer at least the car has airconditioning.
         We stopped at the Alabama  rest area to stretch a bit and check out the Saturn IB rocket displayed here, full size too!
Just motoring along boogying  to our satellite radio tunes
        The day slipped by and before we know it back home to our house! Look at the time 3:37 pm one minute later than on our two day trip to Ontario, guess we have it figured our eh?
        Just love their Licence plates here for the cars a sample below, "Sweet Home Alabama" click here to listen to the song by Lynyrd Skynrd . 
         Thats it we are home, on our patio enjoying the warm weather and a relaxing for a short happy hour. So nice to back home no matter where it is parked. Our own beds, warm weather, oh yeah and out of the car.
         Now our plan has always been to check out the Derailed Diner down at the corner for supper so we did that tonight.  Its a cool place full of atmosphere and pretty good food and excellent service to boot!
our table was interesting
we both choose the fried chicken and it was excellent,
fresh hot and moist
the rail car dining room
tailgate dining
wanna sit at the bar, saddle up!
        Ok thats it our road trip is done, made it back to Ontario, for Suzie's father's 80th birthday party, visited with a whole mess of relatives over the three days we were there, and made it back to much warmer weather all in good time, using very little fuel in our little car. But and there is a but we both managed to somehow get get a cold in the process! Go figure have not had much of a cold in all the years we have been down south and a few days back to the cold climate and we got it! Oh well it was worth it we will be better soon.
        Thanks for stopping in for a visit, we had fun hope you did too. Now we can just kick back and relax, no road trips for a few more days at least!!! Just under 3,000 miles in less than a week and lots of visiting too, we are ready for a rest.
Check out the map below to see where we have been this winter
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  1. You sure didn't waste any time getting back to the sunshine .... well, maybe getting out of the colder weather.

    1. yep the roads were good and we had a destination in mind.

  2. That was sure one fast trip! Probably feels good to be back home in the RV again! Enjoy the nice weather, we are!

  3. Enjoy the rest and I hope your colds are gone very soon!

  4. Congrats on another speedy and safe drive to Sweet Home Alabama!!

  5. Glad you made it back safely. Too bad about the colds, perhaps too much activity.

  6. Hooray ... you are home, safe and sound !!

    Last year we came home in March to the cold and snow, and both of us promptly caught colds !!

    At least now you can rest and get some sunshine for your recovery.

    Take care ... TnT

    1. Yep home and all is good, sure is nice to be back home.


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