Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Three days on a row

Where are we today ?
Arkona  Ontario

         Today our plan was to steam clean inside our coach and the weather forecast was bang on for the third day in a row. Sunny, warm with a light breeze perfect today final cleaning project of the week. As soon as the Arkona market opened at 8:30 I was there to pick up the Steam cleaner and with Suzie's help we proceeded steam clean the couch, recliner, dinnette and and all the carpets in the coach. And wash all our blankets and throw covers. Even stopped for a bite to eat about 11 am and were all finished with the cleaner back at the store by 1:30.

dinette cushions drying in the sun
all clean, just waiting to dry
        Even the blanket we bought while camping on the amazing beach at Tres Amigos Rv Park on Stone Island, Mazatlan Mexico, still looks like new after another washing. It has been a throw cover for the now for three years.
        After this picked up a few groceries and a walkabout the resort. Now can relax in the shade with our books just waiting for everything to dry. Did not take long as I said the weather was perfect for this project today.
        By 4:30 time to fire up our Weber for supper. Tonight is potatoes in foil with onions one huge smoked pork chop to share and some broccoli w/cheese for a nice tasty feast.
        Now to relax outside and read a bit more, after putting out house back together, all nice and sparkling clean. Then while on their walkabout Trish, Maggie and Vanessa stopped by for  a nice visit and chat until way after dark.
        Glad you stopped in for a visit to check out our clean house, drop by anytime.

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  1. We need to steam clean the carpets in our motorhome too. There's not much carpet but it still needs to be done.

  2. I have that same Mexican throw. Bought it 26 years ago while in Mexico. Washes up great. I love it. Think I paid $20 US for it and I do believe at that time maybe our $ was worth more. Feels great when everything is clean, smells great too!!!

    1. We pid $20. US three years ago and we love ours too.

  3. Getting ready to head south I see!


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