Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sunday Flea Market, and relaxing.

Where are we today ?
Arkona Ontario
        Another great sunny day, cooler fall weather and still pretty nice. This morning at 9 am we are heading to the Pinery Fleamarket in Grand Bend with Randy and Gail, just to wander about and show them the sights. We were early even the chip truck was not open yet (probably good or we would have had some). Only a few more weeks and they will be closed down until Easter.
         Summer is winding down and a lot less vendors there but still a good day. Looked for a few more books, some pepperettes. No fries today so we each had a mini cinnamon bun on a stick (just a nice tasty tease of a snack).
         After the market took a little cruise into town and down the main street. Again pretty quiet as a lot of stores are now closed for the season, just waiting for the rush of next summer, 9 months away.
Grand Bend main st. 
The signs of the end of summer
pretty quiet
even the river is quiet nobody on the boats
        Back home for bite to eat for lunch and chatted with Randy and Gail for a while and played catch with Hayley. Until it was time for them to pack up again and head home. Some people still have to work. 
wanna play?
         Then we just relaxed a bit in the shade and enjoyed the afternoon with our books in the shade.
        But we had a craving for pizza so I picked up a thin crust frozen pizza and put lotsa toppings on it for our own liking and had a very tasty supper near the end of a nice day.
Yep tasty
        After supper backout side to read until it was too dark, then Trish and Mike stopped by for a visit and brought us present they had made just for us in Port Huron Michigan this afternoon. They went there to do a bit of shopping and go for supper. Thanks guys!!!! Now everybody knows what time it is at our house "Beer 30". A saying I have had for years.
        After a nice visit and chat it got too dark and was cooling off by 8:30 so inside to get warm and turn on the tube for a bit before calling it a night.
        Thanks for joining in on our relaxing Sunday with us. 
Y'all come back now.

Check out the map below to see where we have been this summer
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  1. Summer is definitely closing down and so will all the northern Farmer's Markets and events they hold during the warm weather. You'll have to settle for the ones you see in the south this winter.

    1. We can settle for these things down south alright!

  2. First time I've ever seen the streets of Grand Bend, even though I've been to the drags a few times. Sad but true.

  3. It's crowed in the summer with with lots of bikini shops, bars and eateries selling their stuff.

  4. I've never seen a frozen pizza that looked so good - glad I read that you added your own toppings!

    1. Works for a quick easy supper, get the basic and make your way!

  5. Cute beer sign!!

    Great idea having mini cinnamon buns on a stick, no messy fingers!


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