Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Had a fun day at the International Plowing Match in Roseville Ontario

Where are we today ?
New Hamburg Ontario
        We are back in this area to go to the International Plowing Match. This year it is in Roseville Ontario about 15 minutes from the farm. We have been to quite a few since 1995 (my first one). Usually the weather rains and and can be very muddy and cold. We have camped at a few of them.  With over 1900 (1,760 electric and water sites, 84 non serviced and 102 handicapped) campsites in the field next to the tented city. Now we have been towed out twice and towed in once over the years, but now choose not to take this coach into that mess, not worth the damage that could happen. Mind you there is no charge for the towing lotsa tractors there to help out, all you have to do is crawl in mud and hook up the cable to your rig (liability issues).
       It is a fun day and ma wanted to come with us as well. So we met here at a spot near the edge of Kitchener and she followed out in her car. That way when she is done, long before us she can just hop in the car and head home.
        So a few minutes later we followed the signs to the north parking lot. Parked our cars and made our way to waiting wagons to take us to the Grounds of the Match.
here's the shuttle bus 
friendly bus driver
        We are dropped off at Gate three, paid our (expensive admission $17.00 each) and made our way thru vendors and antique farm equipment to catch the West Coast Lumberjack Show at We have seen this a few years ago and is an entertaining show. Good clean fun (in the mud), ma did enjoy the show. 
        To begin the show we started with a quick chainsaw carving.
a cute chair
        By a few minutes after 10 o'clock the stands were full and standing room only, enjoying this great show.
The weather today is not the best, but typical for plowing match, overcast, cold, windy but no rain yet, at least until noon just when ma decided to head home.
lets spin the wheel at Sobey's display
mini sticks our prizes from Sobeys
Ma and Suzie by the Conestoga Wagon
        About noon Ma had enough walking so we headed back to gate three, hopped on a wagon (raining now) and back to the parking lot. Make sure she found her car and got out of the parking lot (farmer's field without getting stuck in the mud). Now we had rain ponchos and decided to head back to the match hoping the rain would stop soon.
yep its muddy
         We had taken our rubber boots but left them in the car, preferring to walk in our soggy but comfortable shoes, The mud wasn't too deep , as long as we avoided the puddles.
        Even with the weather there was lineups of school children everywhere , one big attratction was to actually milk a cow. Not a real cow, but lifelike udders and foamy milk into a bucket.
       So much to see and do but the weather did slow us down a bit, many tents and outdoor displays with farm type equipment, to garden tractors to food vendors, seminars, fashion shows, live entertainment in various different areas. This is known as the "tented city" 100 acres of tents , with rows and rows of displays, electricity all set up and water and draw about 20,000 people a day. Even this house below is built on this farm. All of this will disappear after this 5 day event. Only to be resurrected at a different Ontario location next fall.
home display
        There is even Plowing here if you want to check this out, but is something we have never had time to check out over the years.
        Well its after 3 o'clock and we are muddy, tired and cold, but at least our ponchos kept us pretty dry. So lets make our way back to gate 3. And just before this exit is the KW Oktoberfest Lounge. So inside here out of the wind and rain, they have good food, live entertainment and cold beer and hot beverages. Time to relax and reflect for a few minutes.
nice wagon
good band
still pretty muddy
        Now back on the wagons, taking us back to the parking lot and the car, just before it started to rain again. Turned on the heater warmed up the car and headed back to the farm. 
        Almost home and got a call from Dan at Carbon Computing, my Mac is better again,  cleaned it up and a new track pad, apparently it somehow got dirty and failed (he said don't eat or drink around your computer, food crumbs were found), hmm guess I gotta be more careful. Dropped Suzie off at the farm picked up my Mac. I like their 24 hour service there, Dan is a great guy. 
        Took off our muddy shoes and wet socks to let them dry out and all is good.
looks like I haver some shoe cleaning to do
notice our rubber boots that stayed in the trunk of our car
        Now its after 5 o'clock chatting with Sandy at the farm, they are heading to their daughters for supper so we are on our own tonight. Sounds good to us. Have had a craving to visit Kennedy's Restaurant in the Village of St. Agatha. Lotsa good food and the thursday night special in Schnitzel buy one second 1/2 price. So we opted for this great dinner here of Waterloo County Fare.
tasty Schnitzel, fries and sauerkraut
         If you care to look at more more pictures that I took yesterday just click HERE.
         Well thats it for another busy fun day, hope you enjoyed it too.
         Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. Glad you didn't bring the RV, just not worth it. Looks like fun but I could do without the mud.

    1. We could do with out the mud to, but that's just the way it is, only have a 5 day time frame and supposed to rain everyday.

  2. I think I would have considered going with the rubber boot program except that, any time I wear rubber boots, I have to make sure I wear heavy socks, or my feet just start to hurt like crazy. There's just not enough to them to support these old dogs.
    Seventeen bucks is a tad pricey, but still worth it. If people stop going, it won't be there for long.
    Besides! Free towing. Good to see you didn't need it though. Towing a motorhome would make me nervous.
    That "cow" looks suspiciously like the one that got stolen recently from an Ottawa area farm.
    Oh wait, I just checked, they got their cow back.

    Never mind.

    1. Camped there before, been there done that, but still enjoy going for the day. Yes the rubber boots are nice but not that comfortable for all day walking. So our shoes got wet and muddy, they are washable, no problem.
      Maybe somebody else is missing a cow?


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