Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Saturday, September 08, 2012

Good bye to good friends, lotsa free food and another great day...

Where are we today ?
Rock Glen Resort
        We have been coming to Rock Glen RV Resort for more than 8 years and one of the first couples we met was Phil and Judy, always nice to chat with and keep intouch with. Well after over 17 years here at this resort they have chosen to move their home to another park fulltime closer to family. Today was their moving day. Fellow campers, family and friends gathered together to pack them up in the rain and say happy trails and will see you soon. They were at our campfire last night as well.
trailer is moved already
pack up theirs decks and stuff
Phil and Judy
        A little while later the rain stopped and we decided to check out the Grand opening in Arkona of a new Car Quest dealer. They are having a BBQ lunch, and why not check them out for a free lunch ( taking our ladies out to lunch we did) and the services that they offer, after all we do spend a lot of time in the area.
Hot dogs, chili and pop for lunch
        Lotsa people from town and the resort there we all had a great time with the sun shining.
nice '61 T'Bird there too
         After lunch the skies were cloudy so back home we had Pat and Rob here for some computing. Suzie and Rob somewhat planned the first two weeks of out hibernation to Daytona Beach this Fall and helped Pat getting some pics off her i-phone onto here PC and organize her picture folders a bit.
        Now before we know its time for a short Happy hour, then ( its now time for the ladies to take us out for supper) to the clubhouse, free pulled pork on a bun and fresh corn on the cob. Why not, we like all like "free" it tastes so good! And its another great social time with lotsa people there and more than enough food.
That's Mary waving, their 60th wedding anniversary this month 
Now Pat brought a botte of wine to  share " Girl's night out",
I guess us guys are on our own
        Line up for the food, it was very tasty! Thanks guys. 
         Ok thats it, enough food, back home clean up a few dishes, Rob made a nice campfire and now relax a bit more to plan tomorrow's activities.

the fire is burning out
        It was a nice campfire until the rain began about 8 o'clock tonight , so another earlier night inside to read, compute and watch the tube for a few minutes before calling it a night.
        Glad you could drop by again today and enjoy all the free food we had.

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  1. It's been so dry and hot around here. We could sure use a little of that rain you're getting.

  2. Sonds like a filling day in more than one way!!


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