Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Monday, September 17, 2012

Another busy day and new converter/charger is installed.

Where are we today ?
Rock Glen Resort Arkona Ontario
        Up early again and have a plan today. Coffees and computing and hit the road to Sicard Rv in Smithville Ontario. Hopped in the car and left here at 7:10 am as the sun is rising and arrived there at 9:30.
heading into the awesome sunrise!
Sicard Rv
        I took a quick look at whats new on their lot, good thing that Larry Vanstone was not working I could have spent a lot of time haggling with him. Then into the parts counter to pick up our new PPD (Progressive Dynamics) 9260c, 60 amp power converter/charger, with a built in Charge Wizard to maintain our batteries properly. This was to replace our 9155 converter that just happened to pass away the other day. Called Jeff Intini at Sicards last week and they had one in stock AND he gave us a very good discounted price (for Canada). Much cheaper in the USA, but we needed it now.
lots of nice rvs here
        Well I got what I came for then headed back home in time to have lunch with Suzie. Next was to attack the chore of removing the old dead converter, compare to the new one and reinstall.
old converter
new converter
all done and working great!
        This was a very simple install, less than 45 minutes including, more testing and putting my tools all away. Now our electrical system is working like a charm.
        Just before 2 o'clock our insurance broker Bruce dropped by to make sure that we had our out-of-province medical insurance was all taken care of (and remove more of our cash) so that we can now safely head south worry free.
         All that taken care of can now read for a while in the shade (one of our last warm sunny days today). Then Trish dropped by with her computer and Suzie gave her some tips for a couple hours on her Family Tree program and genealogy research.
Genealogy stuff
        While they did this I got to read a bit more and was allowed to fire up our Weber, grill a couple pork chops and carrots for supper added a nice side of Alfredo noodles, with mushrooms and broccoli,  a few sliced tomatoes for a tasty supper.
         By the time we were done our leisurely supper, time to just fold up the lawn chairs and retire for the night. Think we did enough for one day.
        Glad you could make it back today and read a few lines. Have a great day tomorrow.

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  1. Glad you got your converter installed. It's so much easier to charge batteries with a converter that works other than one that doesn't!

  2. Glad you are back up and running, looks like a great unit.

  3. Long day. I could just wander around Sicards and look at all the stuff I can't afford. 'Dangerous' place.

    1. Yes it is a dangerous place but always fun to look and dream.


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