Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Saturday, September 29, 2012

A great fall Saturday!

Where are we today ?
Rock Glen Resort Arkona Ontario
         Another great night's sleep cool nights and sunny warm days. First thing this morning it's the usual coffees and computing. Then as the sun warms things up, in to Arkona, power wash the car at the car wash and stop by the grocery store. Back home began cleaning the car and getting ready to wax it. Like fellow blogger John, of Rv Life on wheels said yesterday, just because our car is old does mean it needs to look old. So our 10 year old Saturn looks pretty good when all dressed up, kinda like me eh?
        Just about noon when I came in for lunch Suzie informed me that her eyeglass nose piece was broken. So a quick check on the internet for somebody local to fix it and found that the closest was Greene's Optical in Grand Bend. But he closes at 1 pm. So we better hop in the car and get there soon. Twenty minutes away and Dave Greene was there to do the repair quickly for us. Now Suzie is happy and her glasses are all good.
        But now almost 1 o'clock and we need a bite to eat, today we choose Best's Restaurant and Homemade Ice Cream . Now I have driven by this place since the early 1970's and never stopped, but it looked like a good choice today for a quick bite. And it turned out we were right. 

        We bother decided on the  fish burger and fries, tasty and hit the spot. Nothing fancy just fast food stuff that was cooked up quickly, great friendly service and good quality. All the ice cream selections and especially their homemade ice creams looked awesome but, sorry not today, we will return.
tasty light lunch
         Now got the glasses fixed and a bite to eat, back to the resort enjoying the country drive and noticing that the leaves are now beginning to change colours. Gonna look real pretty real soon.
leaves ar beginning to change colors
         Back home we stopped by Mike and Trishe's new trailer to analise the hot water issue on their new trailer, appears to not be enough hot water. So Mike and I checked every thing over did a few tests here and there and made a few changes, will see if this helps, if not they can can the dealer, its still under warranty.
        Now  we can return home and I can finish waxing the old car, still loks pretty good for a 10 year old plastic car.
        Even had time to pull out our lawn chairs and read in the sun for a while until it was time for me to fire up our Weber, throw on an Acorn Squash with some butter and honey inside, and grill up a huge smoked pork chop to share.
our Weber at work
        Added a few noodles with peas and we ended up with another quick, easy and very tasty supper.
       After a nice leisurely meal and chat for a while, dishes done and its getting dark way too early. So we just kind hibernated inside about 7 o'clock, compute and read for a bit then before we know it's time to turn on the tube and veg after another awesome fall day.
        Thanks for the read, and hope your day was as much fun as ours!

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  1. George if Mike and Trishe's cold water works good but the hot water just trickles then the "O"ring in the hotwater tank Check Valve has failed. If it's still under warrantee the dealer will have to replace the valve.

    Glad you had time to enjoy this beautiful day. Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Lotsa water coming out but only about 3 gallons of hot from a 6 gallon tank.

  2. It's easier to keep a car clean regardless of the age when you're not boon docking in the desert and are in paved RV parks for sure.

    1. No paved roads in our parks here, and at the farm back country dirt roads with lotsa mud. So always needs to be cleaned.

  3. Just some wax and elbow grease, and they will shine like new!

  4. Sounded like you had a full day, glad you caught the optician and got Suzies glasses fixed. The Saturn sure looks good for 10 that TLC sure pays off. Was looking at yesterdays post and the food items not allowed to cross, better enjoy while I am here. Sure going to miss a lot of the different sausages that you can't find easily south. Have a Great Sunday!

    1. Yes it worked out pretty good for the glasses, after researching more might be able to take some products if they are n their original packages.

  5. I'm so all over trying that squash in the foil trick!

    1. We have been doing it for years, no dishes, just a bit of foil.


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