Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Yep its getting cold !

Where are we today ?
New Hamburg Ontario
        Just how cold was it this morning? Well Dennis stopped by about 6:15 for his morning coffee and comments it was cold! So I get the flash light and look outside at our thermometer. It was 0 c (thats 32 f "freezing"for our American friends). Either way its cold out there. Guess that means that fall is really here. Good thing we have only 24 days left before we begin our southern migration (wish it was sooner). Let's hope for some "Indian Summer" in the meantime.
        Then early morning coffee fix with a bunch of guys at Pettigrew's, back home and work on the first leg of our route to Florida We are meeting up with Rob and Pat in New York state and travelling together to The Good Sam Rally at Daytona Speedway arriving there the morning of Oct. 31st for some fun times. Then will probably make our way slowly to Arizona.
        After lunch just puttered around doing a bit more maintenance outside on our coach, lube the tow bar, hinges etc.... And I hooked up our Mr Heater propane heater. Nice and quiet, more efficient than our furnace, just because we are going to need it soon anyway.
Mr. Heater
        By about 3:30 this afternoon it was almost warm in the sun, except for the cold north wind 15c (60f). 
        But now its time to go to Suzie's Mom and Dad's we have been invited for cake and ice cream for a belated birthday celebration. As it ends up most of her family was there from Grandma (97), her siblings, aunt, uncle, nieces, nephews to Gradmas great, great grandchildren 5 generations in all, 24 in total by my count.
Gramma just relaxing
         So a very tasty easy meal, Sloppy Joe's salad with veggies and dip. Everybody pitched in to make it easier for her mom and dad and we had a great time.
tasty sloppy joes
        Then the cakes came out, our favourite Angel food with boiled icing and a chocolate cake made with spelt flour for Dennis. Believe it or not she did manage to blow out all the candles, guess she is a windbag after all ! (oops, I gonna get in trouble for that one).
        Now to finish off with cake, strawberries and ice cream, yep its was all good.
        Then relaxing on the couch all of a sudden a great niece Sienna wants to sit on my knee and we got to play for a bit.
       But soon its getting late and we need to get home to post the Blog, Aunt Delores gave me heck today for not having it posted by 10 o'clock some nights, as she waits up wanting to read it. Well here it is tonight, hope its not too late for you.  But as my fellow bloggers know some days its just not possible and not always easy to come up with some thing to say.
        Anywho,  glad y'all stopped by to see what we are up to.

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  1. We did not hit zero, but did get awfull close.

    1. You have some lake effect that moderate your temperatures.

  2. It was warm and beautiful during the day but I had to grab a jacket to walk Duchess this morning. Fall is definitely in the air and we're not quite ready for it yet.

    1. No we are not , but ready our not fall is here.

    2. Yes Daytona 2006, Georgia 2008, Kansas 2004. This year entertainment is Reba McIntyre !

  3. We have had 4C once but now just 8C at night.

    The good Sam Rally sounds like it will be a fun thing for you. Have you been to one before?

  4. It's definitely time for you to start thinking about heading south when the temperature gets down to zero!

  5. Sounds fun to head down to the rally with friends. Boy hard to believe the temps have changed so quickly. Hope you get a bit of that Indian Summer back before you depart. Don't mind the cool mornings as long as the days warm up some during the day. Little cool and cloudy here to day also. Nice picture of you and your niece.

  6. Always enjoy these Rallys lots of information available.
    The sunshine is good during the day but really hate wearing long pants and socks!


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