Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Saturday was pretty nice for the first day of fall.

Where are we today ?
New Hamburg Ontario
        Overcast and cold this morning, but no frost and no snow so all is good. Went for a quick drive into Plattsville to see whats new there, ran into a few people again have not seen for quite a few years. Kinda nice to reconnect every so often and catch up.
nice country drive to Plattsville 
Nephew's house on the other farm
        After a bite for lunch we headed back into town to visit John and Lea. Picked up some xtra hot pepperettes for her in Grand Bend at the Pinery Flea Market. We have spent some time dry camping at their property this summer and always nice to vist with them. Their two dogs Molly and Buddy were glad to see us back as well. Even their son Jamie was glad to see us, hoping I would cut the 6 acres of lawn again. Sorry Jamie not this time.
Molly and Buddy
Lea and her grandson Thomas
         Remember their pool, still looks inviting but the water temp was only 70f and air temp about 50f, so not today. Next summer for sure.
         Back at the farm Suzie was brushing Omer on the south patio while I prepared supper. 
         Tonight had a craving for a cottage roll, so I twice boiled it (get rid of the sodium), whipped up some mashed potatoes, cooked carrots, with melted butter and onions and a tossed salad. 
yep was tasty
       By the time supper is done at the farm here is close to 8 o'clock, so time to call it a night and relax.
        Found the movie "Smokey and the Bandit" on tv so gotta quick do the blog and watch it again, its been a while.
        Thanks for the read..

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  1. Fall is definitely just around the corner. Brr to the temperature of the pool. That's way too cold for us!

  2. I guess that pool could be a hockey rink in another few months. Great looking dinner - again!

  3. Had to do some research on what a cottage role was...sure looks good!

    1. Yeah think it is a Canadian thing, A sweet pickled pork roast, very tasty.

  4. I think I got hung up on "six acres of lawn". Cripes! Even going full tilt, that has to take a couple days, unless of course there are absolutely no trees or any other trimming to do. Does John need to get some sheep?

    1. Last time I cut it think it was about 6 hours, going full tilt, no trimming for me.


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