Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Saturday, September 01, 2012

Missed the Blue Moon, but we can see another one anytime.

Where are we today ?
New Hamburg Ontario
       Friday night was the phenomenon of the blue moon. It's not really blue which is disappointing so not sure why it is called a blue moon. But it is in fact the second full moon in a month. A rare occurrence that happens every two or three years. Wanted to see it last night but somehow our eyes closed and we missed it. But did get a picture of it on line, why? Just because I could.   
Blue Moon
        Speaking of the which one of our favourite haunts from the past (lots great times there) was the Blue Moon Restaurant and Bar (established in 1848) in Baden Ontario about 20 minutes away. Way back over 100 years ago it used to be a stage coach stop, hotel and watering hole. And in the 1970's was a country tavern hot spot with great bands and entertainment, cold beer and good food. Now the beer is still cold, food pretty good, some entertainment, but not nearly the crowds. They close much earlier now and the crowds are less, due to their country location and drinking and driving laws (a good thing), but still a great place to stop by for a bite and cold refreshment. Hmm, now I am getting a craving maybe need to stop by for a visit soon.
        This afternoon just puttered around a bit, washed our car and Dennis and Sandy's Yukon at the farm. Was gonna do a bit more then Dennis asked if I could mow some lawn. Sure nuf.. I can hop on the grasshopper and do some work for a couple hours, gotta pay the rent ya know. Mow around the coverall, the bank by the barn and behind the driving shed where they park the hay wagons.
beside the coveral
        Now by the time I am done this its late afternoon and Dennis and Sandy are doing chores tonight then visiting friends for supper afterwards. So last minute decision we took a quick trip into the Trails Edge in Plattsville about 6 o'clock, not the Blue Moon ( the Edge was closer) for a feast of wings for me, pork loin dinner for Suzie and chat with a quite a few people there we have not seen for probably 10 years or more. Gotta love small towns!

checking the menu
Suzie's Pork Loin
tasty hot wings
        Now that was it for the day, hot  and wonderful lots to do, and not even time to read today, hmm, gotta do something about that, maybe tomorrow?  
        That's pretty well it for a kinda busy saturday on the the long Labor Day weekend. Home in time for a nice colourful sunset thou. Hope you had a good one too. 
time to turn in now, getting to dark to read
        Thanks for stopping by and joining us.

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  1. Somethimes the slow easy days are the best ones out there even if you don't see a blue moon. Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Was a great day, a little slower would have been nice thou.

  2. We've had a gorgeous full moon. It sure lights up all the back roads we've been on lately.

    1. It sure does make for a nice bright night, for sure.

  3. I think the Blue Moon is in Petersburg, Bud!

    1. Thanks Pat for catching that at least somebody is on their toes.


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