Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A rainy day for Suzie's Birthday, but great all the same.

Where are we today ?
Rock Glen Resort Arkona Ontario
        Rained overnight and rained all day, cooler fall temperatures, but hey, thats the time of year. No problem we have inside stuff to do. First coffees and computing and a nice breakfast for Suzie whatever she wants today (it's her birthday after all) and her request was a toasted western sandwich. Then I ran a few errands and she sorted the laundry, I took it next door to our handy laundry facilities to let the machines do their work
        While I was reading a few blogs (one in particular) that Bob, of the Caretaker Chronicles had written, a humorous article about replacing some light bulbs in their apartment in Vienna.  I just happened to notice that the light over our kitchen sink mysteriously flickered and died. Hmmm.... a coincidence or what? So I stopped reading for a bit and checked it out. Need a new mini florescent tube. So off to the local Home Hardware store in town and they just happen to have one in stock. This would be the twin to the bulb I replaced about three weeks ago. My bulb replacement job was much easier than Bob's thou, (I did not need a mirror to do it).
we have light again!
        That job done just puttered around putting a few things away and check the air pressure in our tires, while she had a nap read some more. Heading back to New Hamburg in the morning for a week just have to go to the International Plowing Match its in Roseville this year about 15 minutes away from the farm. Always a fun place to go when it is close to us. I found one tire was down about 15 lbs pressure so I topped it up with our compressor and will check it again in the morning.
        Other than  raining all day long it was very nice. Relaxing and just enjoying each other's company, something that we really enjoy. Even a bit of computing and of course more reading as well. Had intended to do some trip planning but just plain ran out of time. Not sure exactly where we wanna got any way other than to Arizona via Florida, but we can always find a place to spend a few days here and there, we have six months to follow the sun down south somewhere.
        Soon time for me to prepare supper and once again her choice, so how about a shrimp cocktail, garlic cheese bread, grilled fillet mignon, mushrooms/ onions and a tossed salad, even a glass or two of wine. I think a perfect way to celebrate her birthday. Pretty tasty and very cost effective when I can cook it right here and not have to venture out in the rain. Oh, desert a mini pecan tart.
tasty steak dinner
yep it's still raining
        Supper time is always a social event for us, usually takes and hour or so (maybe two) to eat, chat and reflect on our day. Tonight we watched the late sun shinning as we had more heavy rains, weird weather we have been having today. 
        But dishes done, garbage taken out and bit more computing and reading then turn on the tube for bit to see whats new, and fall asleep ads usual.
        We had a great relaxing day, perfect for Suzie's birthday just what she requested.
        Glad you could stop by and celebrate remotely with us.

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  1. Well Happy Birthday Suzie and many many happy returns of the day...looks like it was a great one even if it rained...

  2. Happy Birthday Suzie! Hope it dries up a bit for the Ploughing Match...might be a mud bath!

    1. We have been to more Plowing Matches in the mud than not, got the boots.

  3. Happy Birthday Suzie. The sun will make your days brighter as you start your adventure next month. Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  4. Happy Birthday Suzie...many more happy and healthy years to come. Sounds like you had a great day and a great cook!

  5. Belated birthday wishes kiddo! So you finally made it to 39! Glad you had a perfect day, the best way to spend your special day.

    1. Thanks Contessa, but I don't think she is quite 39 yet.

  6. That's an awesome looking birthday meal. I think that would work for me.
    As long as you have no leaks, it's certainly an enjoyable experience to be in an RV. (only my humble opinion) I seem to recall feeling bad for the "tenters" once upon a time after a huge rainstorm somewhere in New Brunswick. They made several trips to the laundry room, but I don't think it was their regular laundry day? Poor buggers.
    I wouldn't want to sleep in a tent any more, but that's not because we ever got soaked or anything. I just like a nice mattress under me.
    Enjoy your day....and keep those tools handy!

    1. We love the sound of rain of the roof and constantly check the caulking etc.. for any possibilites of leaks. Tools are always ready to go, never know when I might need them.

  7. Happy Birthday, Suzie. Hope you had a great day regardless of the rain.


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