Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Tuesday, September 04, 2012

A nice comfortable rainy day.

Where are we today ?
New Hamburg Ontario
        During the night I heard rain! And that is amazing because I usually here nothing once I take my hearing aides out. But it did happen and most of the day as well. That's kinda good, we need the rain, the farmers need the rain its been a dry summer. The corn here is dry almost a month early so the yield will be a lot less. 
        We had an interesting sunrise this morning peaking around the clouds then it was gone for the rest of the day, accompanied by lotsa rain here and there.
outside our kitchen window
        Called my chiropractor but could not get in until after lunch. So puttered around on the computer a bit, research and stuff then into Waterloo, pick up a few things, stop for a visit with ma then a wonderful tune up on my back!
        By the time I got back home just putter around a bit more, check tires etc. ,  we are leaving in the morning back to Rock Glen Resort for a couple weeks.
        Before we know its time to begin getting supper ready. Earlier I picked up some fresh made garlic sausage at Clover Leaf farms, grilled them up, made a mess of mashed potatoes and fresh carrots, broccoli and cauliflower with melted cheese, and a tossed salad for a tasty supper with leftovers for their lunch tomorrow.
just hit the spot
        Now we can call it an relatively early night, relax in our house, watch the tube for a few minutes before falling asleep.
        Thanks for the visit, hope you had a nice comfortable rainy day too. 

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  1. No rain here in Greenville, Texas. Just hot and humid unfortunately.

  2. Maybe it will cool down a bit for you soon.

  3. Those sausages look awesome. We miss a type of honey garlic sausage that is sold in the Hamilton/Burlington area by a place called Denningers. German, what else?
    Haven't had them in a few years. Good enough reason to go home.

    1. Nothing like good German sausage. I think soon you be home and satisfy those cravings.


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